Israel To Support Kenya Build Border Wall Along its Border with Somalia

Uhuru-Kenyatta-kenya-benjamin-netanyahu-africa-tour-2016-696x464Israel pledged to help Kenya stem Al-Shabaab infiltration through its porous border with Somalia.

During the recent visit to Kenya, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu assured Kenya of Israel support in combating terrorism.

PM Netanyahu also added that Israel will strengthen their intelligence cooperation with Kenya, share tactics it has to detect terror attacks in the hatching stages.

Netanyahu was quoted saying “If you know in advance that an attack is going to happen and can preempt it, it saves lives,”

 “Israel is doing this and we will share intelligence with Kenya and Africa.”

Somali based terrorists usually cross-over to Kenya through the porous border to conduct attacks especially in the northeastern region of the country.

Kenya with the assistance of Israel will be able to complete the construction of a 440-mile barricade wall to help bar Al-Shabaab from easily crossing over and conducting attacks.

Israel, like Kenya is in the process of constructing a security wall along its southern border with Jordan and expanding the fence located alongside the Sinai Peninsula in effort to shelve herself from terrorists infiltration.

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