ISIS Mosul Commander Killed, Government Forces Battle for Bridge

Tuesday 14/3/2017, Iraqi government forces killed several Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists including a commander of the Mosul’s old city.

Iraqi forces continue to advance in the last ISIS bastion and focusing on a bridge crossing the Tigris River, to cut off the terrorists’ movement.

The operation however has been slowed by ISIS snipers as well IEDs planted by the terrorists.

ISIS snipers were slowing the advance of Interior Ministry Rapid Response units on the Iron Bridge linking western and eastern Mosul but the elite forces were still inching forward, according to Iraqi security sources.

Government forces have also managed to push into areas of western Mosul, Islamic State's last bastion in the city that has been the de facto capital of their self-declared caliphate.

Capturing the Iron Bridge would is of importance to the Iraqi forces. So far the forces hold three of the five bridges in Mosul that span the Tigris, all of which have been damaged by the terrorists and U.S.-led air strikes.

The southernmost two have already been retaken.


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