ISIL Launching a 24-hours Online TV Channel

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is launching its own online television channel for the purposes of propagating its ideology and legitimizing its unorthodox form of ‘government’. The 24-hour online television channel will feature news pieces and tailored commentaries that support the specific version of ideological jihad adopted by ISIL.

Social media sites linked to ISIL have stated that the TV channel will be named The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast and that its debut program will be Time to Recruit. The time zone used by the channel is the Islamic State Time.

Currently ISIL operates al-Bayan, a radio station located in Mosul; and Tawheed, a satellite TV channel located in Libya. The regional reach and bias of these two media channels has disadvantaged ISIL which seeks to portray itself as a global jihadi entity whose ideology and influence permeates through national, cultural and linguistic boundaries. This precipitated the founding of The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast. The channel will feature special programs geared towards providing guidance and advice to would-be jihadists on how to join ISIL. John Cantile, the British captive held by ISIL, will also feature in an upcoming series of videos to be broadcast by the channel.

ISIL is recognized as the terrorist organization which has capably leveraged a well-polished propaganda apparatus to sanitize its brutal military campaign and mass executions. It is expected that the television channel will be used to broadcast messages promoting sedition, separatism and subversion against moderate Middle Eastern regimes.

ISIL tactically impressive but brutal and bloody campaign shocked the world. Its campaign saw it seizing large swathes of land in both Syria and Iraq; and also establishing itself as the dominant global jihadist military force. ISIL has previously used YouTube and Twitter to broadcast its message, undermine rivals and galvanize support. ISIL currently publishes a slick and well-edited English language magazine called Daqib. The Flames of War remains ISIL’s most popular video documentary.

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