ISIS Jihadi Blows Himself Up While Preparing IED Attack

A bungling ISIS jihadi blew himself up as he was preparing an IED attack in Badush Iraq.

The ISIS terrorist was caught on camera by Iraqi air force surveillance while setting the IED on a road outside Badush, Iraq.

According to the footage, the ISIS terrorist is blasted in the air after the IED he was preparing for an ambush appeared to detonate prematurely.

Iraqi Army aviation released the footage of the terrorist's demise claiming they are advancing on the city. 

 Recently, Iraqi troops seized the infamous Badush prison where ISIS executed hundreds of women and kept Yazidi women. 

Progress in the city has been slow due to the ongoing threat of hidden explosives and ISIS snipers.

Iraq's elite Rapid Response Division however are combing the city centre area to defuse (bombs in) homes and shops and buildings'. 

Another notable challenge is that the terrorists have been taking human shields to protect them from air strikes as they prepare their final stand.

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