ISIS Fighters Evacuated From Syria-Lebanon Border After The First Ever Ceasefire Agreement

In a unique occurrence, ISIS fighters at the Lebanon-Syrian border agreed to a ceasefire, the first of its kind after they were cornered by the Lebanese and Syrian-allied forces. The Militants driven from Lebanese border towns agree to surrender in deal which will take them back to Syria’s east rather than fight to the death.

The deal to evacuate the militants was reached after a ceasefire that guaranteed the return of 12 abducted Lebanese soldiers. The Daesh militants are expected to relocate from the border towns that they have held since 2014. Lebanese army conducted the weeklong offensive against the militants from their side of the frontier and Syrian army backed by Hezbollah troops on the other.

The deal is one of the many signs that the Islamic State is losing its grip on most of the strategic areas and towns it has held since 2014. While the evacuation is not an ideal response to the violent extremists, it ensures that the unnecessary loss of life of citizens in the towns is avoided.

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