ISIL Ran Out Of The Western City Of Anbar As Militants Suffer Major Losses

Iraqi Forces have commenced intensive mop-up operations to clear out the remaining hideouts and camps held by ISIL fighters in the western Anbar City. The sweep up operations has been termed by the military as the beginning of the Daesh in Iraq as most of the areas have been cleared off ISIS.

The military further reported that migrants and internally displaced people from the region have started returning to the liberated areas a sign that the war against the militants is almost coming to an end.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that ISIL’s presence in Iraq was “militarily” finished and all cities had been retaken, adding security forces were carrying out mopping up operations stretching from the desert area of Al-Jazeera to the Syrian border.

ISIL has recently suffered a string of crushing defeats in both Iraq and Syria after overrunning vast swathes of territory in both countries in mid-2014.

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