ISIL Executing Its Own

ISIL executed 84 jihadists belonging to the group on Jan. 21st 2015 at Camp Ghazlani in Nineveh, Iraq. ISIL accused the 84 jihadists of cowardice and attempts to flee the battlefield. Shortly after the executions, ISIL ordered its insurgents to evacuate from Christians houses and retreat to safer grounds in order to avoid coalition air strikes.

In another instance, ISIL crucified the two men whose photo appears above. The two were members of ISIL, and were executed by ISIL on accusation of not complying with the group’s ideals.

During November and December 2014, ISIL executed over 110 foreign jihadists who attempted to abandon the terror organization. The executions took place in al-Hasakeh, al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor regions of Syria. 4 other ISIL fighters were executed by ISIL on charges of sedition.

Profound hypocrisy, unfathomable brutality and ideological dissonance of ISIL have driven a number of foreign jihadists to express deep regret for abandoning their countries and joining the terror organization. A group of ISIL fighters originally from Britain have accused the terror organization of pumping their fighters with propaganda, and contravening the basics of Islam by randomly executing Muslims. A video documentary released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has featured a dying foreign jihadi expressing deep regret over joining ISIL. The jihadi accused ISIL of firing the bullets that were killing him.

Meanwhile, in Mosul, ISIL executed four Mosul University professors accusing them of opposing the ideals of the group. Among the executed professors was the 67-years old prominent Iraqi scientist, Professor Abdul Rahman Hussein. This comes after ISIL shut down several university faculties and banned the study of philosophy and chemistry because they contradict the “fundamentals of Islam”.

Renowned Islamic scholars have accused jihadist terror organizations such as ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram of denigrating Islam by distorting its message and engaging in brutal murderous activities. Some Islamic scholars have even called on the World to unite against these groups of miscreants and scoundrels threatening global peace.

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