Is Al Shabaab Losing Battle in Somalia? Militants Demanded for Ransom

Al Shabaab militants are suspected to be running out of arms, ammunition and even loosing ground in Somalia following the killing of kidnapped Mandera Chief on Thursday at about 11:00am.

The militants had demanded for 4 Million Shillings ransom when they kidnapped the Chief in the morning hours. When they failed to receive the money, the gangs went ahead and killed the man.

This according to terror experts is a strategy often used by terror groups to help them raise money for funding terror activities whenever militants are loosing ground at their bases.

Recent crack-down of Somali money transfers institutions known as Hawalas, the construction of the Kenya-Somali border, Kenya’s attempts on the Dadaab closure and shut down of various suspected radicalization avenues in Kenya could have cut down on the supply of finances and man power for the radicals.

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Kenya has further made the amnesty call for Kenyan Al Shabaab fighters who are willing to surrender. So far, six returnees have surrendered and provided critical intelligence information which shall be used to finish off Al Shabaab militants in Somalia and Kenya.

Terrorism cannot take place without funding and man-power, say Intelligence experts. Cutting down of terrorist funding from any suspected avenues could be another key strategy apart from engaging them on the war zones.

The latest desperate move by Al Shabaab militia group was an act of cowardice. The gangs could be trying to spread propaganda on how strong they are by conducting such atrocities only a few weeks following the Garissa attack however, Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia working together with AMISOM troops are fast liberating towns in Somalia from Al Shabaab.

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