Iraqi Forces Operations Flush Out ISIL from Fallujah

Victory over ISIL in FallujahOSINT SUMMARY

In yet another win over the Islamic State militant group, Iraqi forces have managed to recapture the last district of Fallujah that was held by the militants.

According to the prime minister, the operation that started a week ago culminated to victory from the self-styled Islamic State movement as the general commanding the operation declared the battle complete and a successful.
The ISIL militants seized and took over Fallujah in January 2014. The assault is part of a wider offensive against ISIL.
 Military intelligence reports indicate that at least 1,800 fighters from the ISIL extremist group have been killed in the five-week campaign aimed at retaking the strategic city.
The operation’s success gives fresh momentum to Iraqi forces seeking to retake Mosul – ISIL’s effective capital in Iraq and the largest city in its self-proclaimed caliphate.

Iraqi forces are now working to dismantle ISIL’s bombs and booby-trapped houses, while pursuing fighters who’ve slipped out of the city.
Weapons and ISIL flags found during the Fallujah raid now paraded upside down by Iraqi soldiers as sign of great victory.

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