Iraqi Army Thwart Daesh Attack on Recently Recaptured District South of Mosul

bn-pt022_usiraq_p_20160908065053Iraqi army thwarted a would-be major attack at a recently recaptured district south of Daesh-held Mosul.

According to Iraqi military source, Iraqi army forces thwarted an attack by Daesh terrorist fighters in the recently recaptured Qayyarah district.

About 80 Daesh terrorist fighters carried out an attack in Qayyarah using light and medium wepons and four vehicles in an effort to retake the district.

Colonel Mohamed al-Badri, commander of the Iraqi army’s 15th Brigade, told Anadolu Agency that the army forces with air support from the U.S.-led coalition managed to repulse the attack killing 34 Daesh terrorists, destroying their vehuicles and forcing them to retreat towards the Hamam al-Alil and Al-Shura areas south of Mosul.

According to al-Badri security measures have since been heightened in an around Qayyarah in anticipation of further Daesh attacks adding that did Iraqi forces did not sustain any serious losses while repulsing the attack.

In August this year, Iraqi troops backed by coalition warplanes recaptured Qayyarah from Daesh.

Qayyarah is the largest district of Iraq’s northern Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the regional capital with oilfields making it attractive to the militant group.

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