Iraqi Anti-Terror Special Forces Deploy To Baghdad In Retaliatory Security Operation

iraq baghdadMarch 1, 2016: Iraqi authorities have deployed Special Forces around Baghdad following a deadly ISIL attack in the country’s capital that left at least 65 people dead and scores injured.

Anti-terror Special Forces have been deployed in the areas around the Baghdad International Airport and to the western part of Baghdad, Iraq’s capital.

The operation has been dubbed as quite sophisticated seeing as snipers and mobile checkpoints have been deployed to survey the area and confirm identities of passers-by.

This security beef-up comes after a series of attacks in and around Baghdad; Abu Ghraib attack by ISIL that left 12 soldiers dead, twin bombings in Baghdad’s Shia district of Sadr City that killed at least 65 people.

Iraqi anti-terror Special Forces, U.S-led coalition forces and allied tribesmen militias have launched attacks targeting to drive out ISIL terrorist out of Baghdad and its outskirts in the recently bolstered security mop-up operations that have left dozens of ISIL militants dead.

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