Iran & Russia Plan to Co-produce Sukhoi Su-30 Multirole Fighter Jet

Russian Plane Su-30 Fighter jet

Russian Plane Su-30 Fighter jet


Iran’s Defence Minister revealed that Tehran and Moscow are set co-produce Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter aircraft.

In a television interview, The Diplomat Iran’s Defense Minister, General Hossein Dehqhan said Iran and Russia will enter in a deal for co-production of undisclosed number of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter aircraft.

If the deal sails through, Iran will be the second country in the world after India to produce variation of the Su-30 fighter warplane locally.

So far no further details have been given out as to what capacity Tehran will be involved in co-production process of the warplane.

A source within Iran’s Defence Ministry interviewed by Sputnik News said the contract could be signed on February 16, when the Iranian Defence Minister arrives in Moscow to discuss the deliveries of S-300 air defense systems and the Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft at an undisclosed future date.


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John Njoroge says:

This will be a very big mistake. U.N MUST STOP THIS

All this as we shamelessly refurbish cold war relics!

Mosizzy Mane says:

Good thing to counter the West’s dominance

iran is becoming powerful day by day. unfortunate they are using power to sponsor terror

When I hear of one strengthening the present Iranian regime, I shudder. Yes miltary sell of weapons is an individual’s country decision but one must think twice before they make a decision. Iranians as individuals are good hearted people but the present ideology that runs their nation has damaged their reputation. Russia should know that it is predominantly Christian and extremists turning against them is in a matter of seconds. When these people mess up their countries they run to Christian nations only to turn against the very host nations that helped to host them. They carry no gratitute in their hearts but believe Christians are their shoes if not gumboots to enable them wade through their problems.

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