Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Technology at Parchin

Latest intelligence reports show Iran is in an advanced stage of developing a nuclear warhead at its Parchin nuclear and military facility.

Satellite images from secret satellites show gross activity at Parchin as experts used earth moving trucks and other equipment to move earth and conceal nuclear weapon tests.

The Iranians are frantically trying to bury traces that could have come from testing of a small neutron trigger used to set off a nuclear explosion, intelligence reports from Israel indicate.

Any neutron initiator test strongly indicates the development of a nuclear weapon at this facility and Iranians want to hide any trace from visiting International atomic energy inspectors.

Such actions and developments only credits Israel’s fears that Iran is secretly arming itself wit nuclear arms which at some point in future time might be used against Israel.

Parchin nuclear facility has a large containment chamber built to conduct explosives tests and neutron initiator tests might have been carried out.

Parchin is south of Tehran, the Iranian capital.

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