Iran and Russia Forms Joint Military HQ in Syria

Iran and Russia have reportedly formed a joint military headquarters in Syria without giving further details on its location.

On Tuesday, the Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani revealed on the joint military headquarters establishment between Iran and Russia in Syria but refrained from specifying on its location.

Regarding the visit of the representative of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tehran and his meeting with some Iranian officials, Shamkhani said: “We have initiated a joint work plan in cooperation with some countries in the region to fight terrorism. It is a field and diplomatic work; it needs counseling to overcome some of the obstacles.”

The military cooperation is aimed at boosting Syrian army and the resistance forces fight the militants in Syria.

The Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council talked about the military cooperation between his country, Russia and Iraq saying: “We are undertaking a joint military action in the axis formed by Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia to combat terrorism. What we saw recently regarding the use of Russian aircrafts within the Iranian air space falls in this context.”

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