Iran acquires F-16 Jet Fighter for Intelligence Purposes

Iran has acquired an old version of the revered American F-16 fighter jet from Venezuela, Intelligence reports confirm.

The objective of such an acquisition is intelligence gathering on the technology used on that particular defense aircraft.

Iranian scientists will study the design, weapon systems, avionics, and overall capacity of this aircraft to identify its weaknesses.

By identifying these weaknesses, Iran will be capable of developing a technology that can bring down this particular aircraft.

However, the F-16 acquired by Iran is a very old model known as F-16A/B Block 15 while the current American F-16s in service with the US Air Force are F-16C/D Block 50s.

The manufacturer is developing a more advanced F-16E/F Block 60 with the market being the United Arabs Emirates.

The objective of the Iranians is to develop a technology or weapon that can take down the Israeli airforce F-16 or the US fleet F-16 squadrons in the Middle East in case they launch an aerial attack on Iran.

The Israeli air-force has the most advance F-16 fighter jet known as the F-16I, a 24 ton, two seat fighter-bomber cloned from the Block 50/52 series.

It is equipped with (the APG-68(X) radar system, armed with Python 4 air-to-air missile and the Popeye 2 air-to-surface missile, and can hit targets 1600 kilometers away.

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