Inter-Clan Politics in Darfur, Sudan Pose Major Threat of Uprising Militia Groups

East Africa security analysis teams are now warning countries within the region to make a stop on inter-clan wars as militia groups are bound to find loopholes during such conflicts.

This comes at a time when Kenya and Sudan are on the front row experiencing inter-clan wars. Kenya’s Pokot and Turkana communities need to be united and speak in one voice against inter-clan clashes.

In Sudan, tribal clashes in the western Sudanese province between Ma’alia and Reziegat on Tuesday left more than 50 people dead and scores injured.

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With the ongoing threats of attacks from Al Shabaab Mujahideen based in Somalia, there is the likelihood of these gangs recruiting more civilians involved in inter-clan clashes to expand their group.

This is a threat to East Africa especially in Northern Kenya, a country which is already fighting terrorism in the region and along the borders against Al Shabaab in Somalia.

Such cynical conflicts have led to an up rise of refugees fleeing from their countries in search of peaceful nations. Some of these refugees have been acting as informants and spies for militia groups.

Conflicts in Darfur if not resolved could end up affecting neighboring countries, Kenya being one of them.

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