Intelligence on President Kibaki of Kenya, Shift in Kenyan Foriegn Policy

President Kibaki’s has pulled the rug under the feet of Western and European countries for a number of reasons which intelligence analysts depict as economic-political.

Kibaki has ensured his country has put a tight lid on Western investors direct foreign investment plans making it impossible for the West to make headway in the country.

The Kenyan presidency hardly engages in any bilateral, diplomatic, and military cooperation talks with European and American diplomats anymore leaving the lesser and keenly audited office of the Prime Minister to deal with the Americans and Europeans.

French Ambassador complained to the French government and the Kenyan foreign ministry about the unavailability of the president. Much diplomatic efforts are burdened to the foreign ministry.

French ambassador to Kenya Etienne de Poncins postulates that it is virtually impossible to reach the president of the republic of Kenya.


President Kibaki is gradually growing tired of Western influence in Kenyan politics. It is certain that events that preceded the 2007-2008 elections violence and the outcome of Western and European political efforts to find a political solution to Kenya rather consummated to the ICC trials of Kibaki’s key allies.

Why would the president snub diplomats whereas they represent the interests and close ties of the countries they represent? There are two key pointers to such outcomes and both are political with a bias on socio-economics of Kenya.

Politically, the president has realized the West and European has no love for him rather closely monitoring his political gains with the aim of destabilizing his tenure and the future of his economic gains besides any form of leadership he will leave behind to inherit his unique achievements in Kenya.

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For a long time, European non governmental organizations have played an active role in shaping the socio-political sphere thus increasing their influence among local communities. The outcome of this influence is the increased dependence of Western and European governments spies on these NGO’s.

ICC Prosecutor evidence on the PEV is dependent solely on NGO findings and other forms of firsthand reports obtained through NGO platforms on the 2007-2008 events making NGO’s are a real threat to Kenya’s national security.

Another political reason is the close knit relation between the European and American diplomats with Kibaki’s prime minister Raila Odinga who the intelligence community views as a stooge of the West and Europeans.

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