Intelligence on British Petroluem Oil Farming Deal in Somalia

Skepticism and anger faces British Petroleum concessions with the Somali government to start farming oil in the conflict ridden East African nation.

Strategic Intelligence has been conducting surveillance on open source environments to gather intelligence on the overall view of the Somali people and the rest of the world on the BP deal.

The commonplace view of the people and professionals is that BP is to pollute Somalia, give cancer to thousands, bribe a few warlords, and make billions.

A Seattle resident of Somali origin asserts that  ‘Oil with Federalism of semi lands with oil that is asking for trouble’ making the oil success issue in Somalia a highly questionable.

Many view the discovery and subsequent production of oil in Somalia would only worsen the situation with many pointing out situation reports in Nigeria, Libya and other mineral rich areas which are now hit by conflicts.

‘We must be alert and aware of these foreigners. We do’nt need the western world rather partnership with Russia or Iran or China. The Europeans are only hungry. Now that the power has shifted towards the East, we should not get carried away but rather emerge with the coming Eastern World. Think My Soomaaliyee” a comment reads.

What makes it clear that these foreign deals are not feted by Somali’s is such commentary. In one of the most passionate appeals to rally against these oil deals is this comment, “To All Somalian Brothers And Sisters, Oil Is Curse AND Troubles Please Be aware of we can’t allow this eureponan thugs companies to dig it.cause have had yet strong institutions laws strong government the answers Is no then til we find out strong central government we can hold it, so please gathering the informations demonstrations to stop this looters whom are pure hungers to do anything or touches our natural gas oils.’


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