Intelligence-Kenya Defense Forces Trained AMISOM Troops on IED’s

Intelligence gathered on both technical and academic capabilities of the Kenya Defense Forces KDF, indicates KDF as having great knowledge besides capacity to train neighboring troops in counter-insurgency operations and related training.

Strategic Intelligence confirms that AMISOM troops in Somalia got training on how to handle improvised explosive devices from Kenya Defense Forces.

Uganda, Burundi (AMISOM), and Comoros, Rwanda, and Comoros’s troops trained at Humanitarian Peace Support School in Nairobi on how to handle improvised explosive devices from Kenya Defense Forces.

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence with reference to fewer cases of IED incidents in the Somali theater where KDF is currently engaged shows a sharp decline in these incidents after KDF entered Somalia and subsequent engagement in counter insurgency operations.

This decline is attributed to counter-improvised-explosive-device capacity within the troops ranks and fold.

Intelligence shows that the Kenya Defense Forces created a month long training program with the United States early 2011.

The program rolled out between March and April 2011 where the US Forces drawn from AFRICOM teamed with Kenya to create a small trainer force that could subsequently train other African forces in counter-improvised-explosive-device.

Counter-improvised-explosive-device program primary goal is to help forces counter IED’s successfully in the battle theater such as Somalia.

Kenya Defense Forces will continue to offer the Counter-improvised-explosive-device program course to other armies on their own.

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