Indonesia Military Arrests 14 People En Route To Syria Allegedly To Join ISIS

Indonesian military patrolling in Jakarta following recent suicide ISIS attacks

Indonesian military has arrested 14 people as they attempted to leave the country for Syria which is on the blacklist of many countries as it’s the base of ISIS. The 14 arrested were stopped as they tried to board a plane headed to Bangkok from where they planned to head on to Syria.


14 Indonesians were arrested at an international airport in Jakarta as they tried to leave the country for Syria through Bangkok. The arrests were made as huge numbers of Indonesians have been reported to have left for Syria to join the extremists ISIS in Syria.

Among the fourteen several have been identified and are said to be travelling with their families and children a common trend among the ISIS recruits from Indonesia.

As of December 2015, at least 200 Indonesian had been deported from Turkey as they tried to enter into Syria with no avail. The high numbers of Indonesian streaming to Syria to join ISIS is sparking fears of an evolution of a sophisticated terror network in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.

Indonesian authorities are however investing in new counterterrorism law that will help curb its citizens from travelling abroad and joining terrorist organizations.

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