How Muslim Imams and Mosques Help ISIS and Other Islamic Radical Groups Thrive

The Muslim community has come a long way. Muslim organizations have been there on a national scale, dealing with various challenges including discrimination and oppression.

Muslims have previously been living in both Muslim and non-Muslim lands co-existing peacefully with people from other religions.

The emergence of several radical groups all professing the Muslim faith have however brought up a different interpretation of who exactly is a Muslim and what exactly do their teachings say.

Such groups have also raised eyebrows on whether Muslim teaches love and respect to human values and if so, how come groups such as ISIS have slaughtered the Muslim teachings?

A section of Imams have come out and condemned the atrocities conducted by groups such as the Islamic State, Boko Haram, the Al Shabaab and the Al-Qaeda, among many other Muslim radical groups.

However, some Imams have been accused of promoting extremism either directly or indirectly. Some have been convicted of preaching extremism to their congregation and for some; they have provided these radicals with shelter in the mosques.

The young Muslims visit the mosque with the aim of reciting their prayers and get good teachings from the Quran. However, what they come out with is how to retaliate on the Kufar (one who does not believe in the same God as them) probably by killing, to believe in extremism and how to be a “true” follower of Allah.

As much as such teachings are quoted from the Quran, other clerics havecome out and condemned the manner in which these radicals are spreading Islam.

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As they say, Muslims do not kill. Islam is peace. Then how come the militia groups kill, rape, loot and even destroy property all in the name of Allah? These acts seem to be quite contradictory to the teachings of the Quran.

The growing Muslim communities have therefore poised a threat, which as it seems, it is the same Muslims who brew this threat. So far, most countries have embraced the freedom of religion by allowing all religions to share their faith. However for the so called Islamic State, the freedom has been abused.

These groups are known to kill those who do not profess Islam. For instance in Tikrit, the Sunnis have been embraced by ISIS as compared to the Shiite who are considered to be infidels. Their acts are extremely barbaric and violent and hijacked Islam as their shield.

Islam has always been a religion of peace. However, for the few who have tarnished the faith, several Muslims have now shied away from commenting on the atrocities for fear of the unknown.

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