How Many Al-Shabaab Jihadists Died in El-Adde After Kenya Army (KDF) Counter Offensive



The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) conducted nearly a week of intense ‘precision attrition and counter-force‘ ground and air operations against positions and camps belonging to the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen movement (HSM) in Gedo region of Somalia.

Army operations targeted make-shift terrorist camps in the following areas, El-Adde, El-Gaduud, Arabow,Raxoole, Qodqod, and areas outside Dinsoor. Kenya’s military objectives were specific (neutralizing terrorist camps and making direct strikes against targets verified as the infrastructure for training and logistical support centers of the terrorist).

Military intelligence assessments estimated enemy size at 40-80 jihadists in either camp (make shift camps are popular with the jihadists). Precision airstrikes (mission was intelligence led and targets geo-located using modern avionics fitted in fighter aircraft’s) destroyed the camps, enemy war assets including weapons and ammo, and killed enemy combatants (jihadists/terrorists). A Rate of 50% kill success (for air strikes) and 25% kill success (for ground assault) was used as a metric to measure success and 80% in enemy combat assets capability decimation per camp. However, the actual battle damage assessment reports (BDA-R) can only be generated after intelligence gathering assets in the target areas finalize collection of intelligence besides subsequent production of the intelligence by the KDF-DMI.


bombing 1

The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), over the past 5 years has decommissioned thousands of jihadists and their war capabilities (weaponry and combatants) in Somalia. The army despite re-hatting to AMISOM has in recent past (after an attack on its AMISOM contingent in El-Adde) revised its core counter-insurgency strategy.

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In convectional warfare, the army does not publish pictures and actual number of dead enemy combatants unless the environment pacification strategy requires propaganda to win defectors and local community support. However, assessments and actual battle damage reports are filed as classified.

This begs the question ‘how many Al-Shabaab terrorists were killed in El-Adde and the targeted areas in past 1-week?”

Most Somali reporters provided a biased report of El-Adde. This made it difficult to establish how many jihadists were killed. On the other hand, locals in El-Adde, Arabow, El-Gaduud, and Dinsoor have reported heavy causalities in the Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen movement (HSM) ranks. One account quoted 3 truckloads of dead bodies were buried by the militants outside El-Adde (mass grave).

“In Al-Shabaab propaganda videos analyzed by Strategic Intelligence Service experts, dozens of jihadists are captured in the videos being shot dead by AMISOM troops. The Al-Khataib propaganda productions video editors are unable to achieve their IW objectives if they edit/remove these video parts showing jihadists/fighters being killed. This of-course is an indicator of massive continuous loss of enemy combatants. The video producer edits the lengthy clips showing death and destruction of the Shebaab fighters. This is to ensure the death of the minions (low cadre fighters) is not part of the final video and that these events are not used against the terror group.” Explains David Goldman,lead researcher at SIS.

An operation conducted by Strategic Intelligence against the terror group verified existence of psychological weariness after the attack. Terror cells lost tens of new recruits in the attacks to the Kenya Army. The loss was tragic to recruiters and couriers since some of the many dead were newly recruited Kenyan and Tanzanian fighters well known to the recruiters.

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What are the actual figures of dead Al-Shabaab in El-Adde? Probably 200-350 or thereabout. In almost all 43 failed attacks against KDF bases approximately 12-20 jihadists are killed. The attacks are carried out by an estimated 40-80 fighters. In the Leego and Janaale attack, an estimated 300 Al-Shabaab fighters were used. Intelligence reports show, due to previous losses against KDF and its superiority, Al-Shabaab dispatched/deployed twice the size of previous forces against AMISOM troops to El-Adde to optimize success ratios. As such the past attack enemy combatant death ration can be used to estimate the body count. In both assessments (KDF vs Al-Shabaab and other AMISOM troops vs Al-Shabaab) kill ratio is 25% (20 kills out of every estimated 80 jihadists).

This cant be quantified statistically without a body count. However, an assessment of previous outcomes in theater largely contribute to these projections. The numbers are very high, but Al-Shabaab is quick to bury the dead and clean up evidence of their dead for 2 reasons; deny AMISOM chance to conduct a count of the dead criminals and protect their fighters from psychological breakdown upon learning of news about many of their comrades/fighters were killed.


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You give room for the rumours and propaganda. How do you tell us that you don’t know the exact number of KDF killed in the attack almost 3/weeks down the line.? Don’t you have registers ?. Without any proper and official communication rumour and propaganda will always carry the day. Pls improve on communication.

It was incumbent upon the Kenya government to tell Kenya and the world how many AL- Shabab they killed in AL – Alde Somali… Al – Shaabab attack on KDF shookve Kenya toa a the chin….. Since the attack on KDF Kenyan government has melted to the darkness never to be hard since…. The only lie we we were told is that KDF air strike killed AL – Shabab leader who organized the attack…. How true this is your guess is as good as mine. When information is concealed from the people will find other avenues to get that info hence opening room for speculation.

Fighting forces, KDF included use the number of those killed or equipment destroyed q’s an important metric. However the strategic imperative for Kenya is to neutralise al shabab threat to Kenya and to legitimate authorities in somalia. On this Amisom, umbrella under which KDF operates has not achieved much.

k d f many solidier is not traing wa becuose after recrutiment we sendingi a somalia without train so kenya must change sistym and stop coraption ather wirs wilidied

stop asking us how many terrorists got killed plz, these people love death and have nothing to lose. tell us how many KDF soldiers they killed most of us are in the dark. Secure our country from them

haha apa naona wajinga…kdf inachocha imeua alshabaab na hakuna kitu wameua…they(kdf)are just saying this to confuse kenyans that they are doing extra work in somalia but 4 sure they are dying like flies,,,,if they don’t surrender they wil face the fierce arms of alshabaab who are vowing to destroy them, let’s wait 4 another attack at another kdf camp

For those emajining that KDF is still in somalia then they should be day dreamers.w left long ego and currently we are only at the border protecting our nation from alshabab terrorist.

while my great grandpa was busy fighting for this country ya ancestors were busy humping camels in the dessert, I curse whoever let these guys into the country, that was a great mistake thus we have to fight terrorism and much more.

Military training should be reqularly updated to meet upcoming tactics.Let kdf sent their best to the battlefield-What makes a fighter successful is knowledge and experience.When we hear of young soldiers die,we right away question their experience and why they were sent.We may be tempted to say that there is an hidden benefit financialy while out for the mission and that the young are rushing for.

This mission was to free somalia and make it prosper, we can celebrate how many thugs have fallen but our goal is to achieve stability for east africa, somalia included.

Why do these groups thrive in somalia? Business interests in trade. Where are these goods consumed? Definitely east Africa. Why send troops to somalia while its cheaper we make all ports in east Africa free n 100% free to collapse the shabab. Our leaders should change tact and think ahead. Kill the alshabab financially now that u have Kismayu.

By following these posts keenly,you can simply tell why war on terrorism is complex coz some are abetting to these criminals. It is very obvious and am sure not xtianity nor Islam support killing innocent people.We need to put hypocritical ideologies aside and say the truth.

Whose gonna join & lead me 2 the way f bing made a genaticaly modified soulja & save the world from terrorism,m serious n this guys,don’t see y our souljas die younger everyday n this war,t really hearts. Who’ l make me a modified soulja plz?

KDF Hardly need war!!we mastake plz!our country has 8o% jobless but with vital qualifications.xo they risk to this least opportunity of joining kdf.many have give up 2this bcoz it’s not job instade is death.

ok lets they died many for them they had a reason what was our brothers reason to die away from home there is not to be pleased o happy about. nothing either side has gain only loss of husbands,fathers n brother

Mosty jays omar tumps up! Kdf are fighting terror who has left the good counry of somalia in misery for a long time while rapig and sodomising the beatiful school children of somalia not the people of somalia nor muslim

If KDf killed a number of Al-shabab, why Kenyan troops leave their locations and scape so many places in Sonalia, can You tell us how many Kenyan soldiers were killed by Al- shabab?

We the Somali people are welcoming the result of El-Ade attack, because our Parlament dicided that Kenya to leave our country and Kenya refused that so the war is solution !!

af ligistd somaliland waxay jogta wadan kedi jawab malihid wayo ada jira wadankale hadalkaaga iyo jogitan kaga wadan shishe marka sasaanad kulahayn jawab adomodaya inlagu lagu leyay kabax wadan ha isuqan adu sxb

The war against terrorist cannot completely be won by use of military hardware. Instead, the war against terrorist can be won through counter-neutralizing their fake ideology.

let’s wait for the information,only for the goverment is to give us guns for protection,america everybody have and for army selection is to find those fighters like mountelgon,pokot and turkan so kenya can win this game.

Out KDF are currently weak. There is no need to recruit a person with c’+ and above cz according to statistics those who did not qualify or those with D’s in form4 are mostly survived in every erupt of fight.

The best way to clear this menace is by destroying their sources of arms. Less not run away from the truth, these guys are funded. Let kdf change tactics and wipe them ruthlessly. May the lord rest the souls of our departed soldiers in peace

Many Times Wakenya Wamelia Jeshi Warudishwe Nchini Hawataki, Walkua Wanataka Nn? Mjombake Amekaa Ofisini Huku Anadai Tutaendelea Kupigana, Kitendo Kilicho Fanyika Kiliaibisha Sana Taifa La Kenya! Hii Inaashiria Nn Juu Ya Training Ya Kdf? Haya Yote Yanaletwa Na Ufisadi Kenya Hii.

I wonder why this competition exists of comparing wch group lost many lives in the battle btwn kdf and the alshabaab. What i think the comparatists should understand is that the alshabaab is a group of suicide attackers who already know the number of lives they are going to loose even before they are at a battle. Comparing our kdf lives wth theirs is a waste of time. Lets focus on how to prevent future attacks than trying to justify defeat.

My opinion is KDF if they want to win this war, they must built a very strong barracks with underground tunnels for power jets ,approximately about order for them to strike back with ease .

If terrorists were killed then it mean the soldiers n mostly the seniors knw their hid-outs,i blf there is something fishy going in somalia n wen the two parties(terrorist n kdf senior) disagree some revenge come in.

This is a very difficult war. Its between those who are to die and those that fear death. Alshabaab are ready to die while kenyans want to come back home and celebrate with their families. I prefer kdf come back and guard their borders. Option two, defybthe world colonize somalia and control eveything. Make it even one of the regions despite its vastness. Distabilize their government and let them be ruled from Nairobi. Otherwise this is an endless war where your oppontent has nothing to lose. Hii Kubaki aliwaingiza pabaya sana.

My bros and srs, let us live security matters to the relevant bodies that r entitled with it, what will it benefit us with. we have got other beneficial concerns for our country.

thoz advocating for retreat,cant they see that kdf is stopping thiz guys from reaching our door steps,after pullout,i promise u grenades n bomb attacks will no longer b heard in somalia bt on our villages n estates

# Kahindi kihiu, you must be brave man all said is nothing but truth we are better than Americans and with Gods hand we will prevail where they failed.

My question do you assign a few hundrends of soldiers to a country with a population of about 12 million out of which over 2/3 are ceratinly sympathizers of terror?……it just may be a fact that not all muslims are terrorists but it is more factual to say all terrosists and their sympathizers are largely muslims…whatever part of the coin there is a thing in muslim religion that drives terror…about killing those they refer to as kafir…and the desire for all places to Dar….salaam….place dorminated by all muslims….

In my opinion, Somali should be placed directly under KENYA with DIRECT COMMAND from HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT KENYATTA & WILLIAM RUTO. That way, we shall completely suppreşs Al shabâab!

“ In the military, if we don’t know something, we say we don’t know and proceed to shut up until we do. Some highly paid charlatans in the media think it’s absolutely fine to take a wild guess at the truth and then tell a couple of million people it’s cast-iron fact, just in case they might be right…I hope they’re proud of themselves, because they nearly broke my mom’s heart…. Marcus Luttrell

lol kenya army they can even do anything into their country they went somalia and said we ll fight with al shabab but they have not done bcoz they have stared rapping our womens and killing our animal have they gone there to rap or to kill animal or al shabab only uganda knw how to fight with the enemy of somalia people al shabab

ok am not taking side so no bad coment but we are fighting a loosing a battle let somali peopls fight alshabab and decide what they want more than seven countries are fighting alshabab and kenya being a participant it has been five years and we have not been able to defeat those alshabab and who yaps here about kdf staying in somalia how long will you stay 50 years and learn from your masters invasion never works guys who knows how to read reas about american invasion in iraq see the final result read nato invasion in afganistan what were the final result russia invasion in afganistan the final result terorism wil never be defeated by bombs but radher by the people who the terorist rule let somalia decide what they want because ideology is an idea and in history idea is not easily defeated i pray one day the world will co exist peacefull …and not only muslim are the problem we have north korea has aqured a hydrogen bomb nd threats the world and north korea is an example how an idea to its maximum

COULD THIS BE THE WAY OUT? Some people accuse us old guards of not adopting new ways and new solutions even to old and persistent problems and I think it is perhaps time we consider novel approaches and solutions to deal with our serious problems that have refused to leave us. Take the ongoing attempt to try alleged Somali pirates in the courts of Holland. Though a 17th century law against piracy is used it is proper that a notorious pirate should deal with another pirate. The Dutch were not only pirates but responsible for introducing foul racism to many parts of Africa, they are the mothers of Apartheid. In Ethiopia, where we rush to point out we have never been colonized, our serious taste of racism came from the Dutch who ran the Wonji sugar factory. The Dutch were pirates and it takes one to know one as they are the best placed to identify Somali pirates. The whole question of human rights and why a Dutch court that does not even claim to be international would be trying practically kidnapped/captured citizens of another country is neither here nor there. The Somalis have no State to speak of and they are by their own acts exposed to be tried or punished by any other State that gets its hands on them. As for the invocation of an ancient law to which no Somali was signatory it can be argued that the hard line Islamists invoke old Salafist edicts to stone people and thus have no moral ground for complaint. Generally, we can even argue that, given most African courts are inept and bureaucratic, transferring our cases to Europe and America may untangle our legal problems. A solution to consider….

i thnk 1 can separate kenyans 4rm da bad foreign seed….Americans never went to somali to fight, rather they were there to distribute relief food to poverty stricken muslin land,,,,

The kenya has a so many challenges from somali community reason why. Somali parliament have vote and pass kenyan troops leave whole somalia. But kenya government denies. After that many somalian believe kenya government wants to take party of our country.

what if i say kenyans as in “timajarir(nywelengumu)” move to uganda, tanzania and south sudan I think anybody who is confused why a msomali is in kenya should ask himself why he is in kenya too………. it wont cost you anything if u hide your ignorance and read comments only

Some Kenyans who do not understand about security matters do comment stupid things.They must know that the security they are enjoying to commend their stupid comments are from under the expense of the lives of the lost soldiers.You will not learn about this as a civilian with single minded ideas unless you loose your husband , son , daughter , father or any other close relatives.

the one who has updated this piece has fooled you all.the casualties of KDF is unknown, where The hell does this come from.I do wonder with these headless fellows who compared America And Kenya interms of countertorism combat. Kenya is Only No One in corruption and last in the rest.We want Our boys back home.#whocare

Fighting Alshabaab will Remain adream to Army.
What I know about alshabaab,they fight to protect their religion and also they areare radicalised that if you die in Jihad… U go to heaven direct
Our soldiers are on duty to protect their Country and they love their Families… Thus they should go back and visit their loved ones….
We should remove our soldiers from Somali because this war is endless.
If USA army withdrew their soldiers y should we hold on…
Alshabaab has embarrassed our country by attacking our Army.
I don’t support our army in Somalia..
Very soon you will get news that alshabaab has attacked Kenya again…
Am very sad

U r nt right unavunja wakenya hope we must win over alshabab kenya is strong than terrorist nd alshabab are just like a small fire wantng to spread fire all over the place thy jst want muslims to think like them thy are dogs not muslims and muslims can’t think like them #MOSES

tightening of defense mechanisms n a working tactical. operations is key to minimal casualties n deterrence measures. adwise we wish our forces the best there is.maintain the morale.

Mostzy jayz Omar, I have a lot of respect for Kenyan Somalis, having done business with them,I know their business practices are impeccable. As we discuss terrorism I know more Somalis both here and Somalia have suffered more either directly or repercussions of it. Kenya is more richer and blessed with Somalis than without. I know most Somalis are more patriotic than some people here spewing religious venom. I know the critical mass in Islam that are determined to end terrorism is more massive than those who are pursuing their means through distorting history and religion.

this war is a political,if Kenyan president try to pull his army out of Somalia,he knows well that he will be called again from the international court justice and his case will be reopened!.also alshababs are not fighting for the sake of Somalia but rather for the sake of,victims are both Somalis and Kenyan people.

They are giving false hope to win those hopeless Alshaabab terror group They are thugs, thieves, rapists, killers and murderers.I am sure many of them had died in the strong hand of KDF.At the end of the day Alshaabab will be defeated. Just time will tell us the truth

Don’t tell lie Kenyan killed innocent people but not alshabaab, why don’t Kenyan armies show the terror member killed. Terror showed pictures of many Kenyan armies. We don’t like terror but we surprised the genocide of innocent people.

“……. neutralizing alshabab terrorist camps and targetting areas percieved to be offering training and logistical support to the outfit……” What? I thot this was the primary objective to be done continuously and not just as a response to an attack. Combat needs to be swift and merciless from day one to deny the enemy a chance to study ur tact and to reorganise themselves formidably. I am shocked.

It’s not #Kenya against #Islam neither #Kdf against #Somalis but #Amisom against Terrorists. Fellow Kenyans desist from spewing hatred among ourselves. I am A Kenyan of somali ethnic and am not terrorist. Major Gen Mohamud who saved kenya frm 1982 #Coup, Abdullahi Haji who risked his life saving kenyans at #Westgate attack,the muslims who protected Christians against terrorists when Mandera Bus was attacked are both muslims and Kenyans of Somali ethnic. Lets fight terrorism with the same spirit and no one shuld feel more kenyan than any other kenyan.

Bro am Christian an am very proud of u my Muslim brother,Islam is not terrorism, those are evil gang’s hiding under Islam and they should be fought from all corners.

You began well but your last sentence gives you away. Of course we are more Kenyan than you Somali imigrants who senselessly kill our people! Can you explain why your parent country supports terrorist activities and makes Kenya the first target with your barbaric activities? What if we drove all of you back to your horrible country to go kill yourselves there? You are a disgusting lot causing untold suffering to many innocent families. Go kill Americans not us.

Lunatic guy u r just lettng kenyans down dnt think tht u can devide kenyans we are united by blood of love us kenyans, i guese if u cud hav been born kenyan u cud nt hav thought tht, u look like the best great enemy of kenyans trying to fool kenyans jst try to be thnking. #joe alvina

Jays omar please dont agree to loose control because of few who think they controled their birth place iknow many muslim of somali origin who are very good people i know you are one of them and thats why you are campaighning for peace this kind of assurance you have given in your first post will help kenyans of other origins know your stand about terrorism, we need you guys your economic contribution is significant and no one should deny that

That’s the spirit kenyans shld have n am sure with such positive attitude we r going to win this war. However with the likes of jorge alvin otieno who puts a blanket condemnation on a tribe u disgust us.we have seen people from western kenya who r terrorist n I’d lyk him to tell us whether we r going to drive them to somalia too. Wht is more patriotic than to stand up to an armed man n tell him he won’t touch a fellow kenyan ? Yes i agree we have bad somalis bt 90% r gud n they love their country kenya so let’s us all unite n b our brother’s keeper

Jihadist is someone going to die not to fight but in the process blows KDF El-Adde camp with bombs three times the 1998 US Kenya embassy blast , something our army have never experienced . They looted the armoury n some soldiers are nowhere to be seen , still om the run ! Instead of advancing they’re retreating kudos KDF . Some fool is asking how many Jihadists died !

i wish one of thier death affected you like me!!! i wish you knew how his parents are in agony!! not just a manchester united fun i’ve lost but a neighbour and a friend!! so simple always on the good side!! a house he built but wont be around to live in it!! wish it was his body we would burry, but , no ! just waiting for his one hand!!!! R.I.P HILLARY ALUMASA!!!!

Those guys die like ants but even if they kill one person they have made their day. They dont value life like others. If one of them reads this let him sensitise others.

Why you all attack each other here verbally, I respect what the government is doing, in war even the enemy fights back, only thing is to not fall victim to small psychological warfare that’s all alshabaab have left

After launching attacks in Al Shabaab camps in El Adde it begs the question… Why did Kenyan troops wait to be attacked in order to retaliate? Every indication points to the fact that they know where this militias hideouts are. They should kill all those terrorists before they regroup and cause more damage

Why should they wait to be attacked only to react when they are wiped out????.They should have done this long time ago to create their peace.I think this just another propaganda warfair.

These are just pig eaters. They are worst and cursed and skinny like flies. Not belive on the value of Islam religion. Traitor of islam. Rapist , drug seller pirates where is God there?. Hitiler was their God.

If todei I recruited to kdf ,the place I want to be deploy is el adde Somali so as 2 deal with these inexperience jiadist !!I ll put off them within three dei I swear coz Kenya has superior weapon n machines its just experience n braveness needed this people are firelesss!!!

Hii attack imenivunja roho sana……our precious soldiers just gone like that.It should not be left unanswered. …………. attacking our army is like attacking the heart of Kenya.Really painful. .

It is all about propaganda service 4rom both sides. So it is the truth that suffers most here. The truth doesn’t die but lies n propaganda do however strategic they mayb.

The issues here of how many of them died does not help here and by the fact it made kdf to withdraw its forces from those areas implies they were defeated. Whether you try to sugar coat it its of no help.

en how many of our soldiers did theu kill wacheni kupiga domo knw the facts bfore commenting propaganda or no propaganda let the governmnt deal with the security issues cz najua hakuna expert wa security hapa nkt

Kdp,will be back home with no result and Islamist be succee insha ally and hopefully if your young not to be allowed to send to Somali will regret & cry as always happens to you feel what your Young’s does,finally Islam will commonly control to your country”kenya” more women will cry …….

kDF-Must be stay your country not to passed to border otherwise more bodies of your soldiers will carry out with aircraft because of your helicopters are always attack Innocent people and they know them but ignore and targeted animals ,instead atteckers deu to afraid to battle side face to face .kkkkkk

Write in Somali we will understand ,,,,rather than this Arabic ,,,,,#Adan hussein n remember no one in Kenya is fighting Islam. ,,,, We have no bussines with ur religion unlike u ,,,,

War war war! What is war? War is not a sport game where injuries are taken seriously and death is a breaking news. War means death. Let those injured armyin hospitals recover so soon and take their weapons and back to field of fire. Some soldiers even bought the job! Let them face the reality. Let them fight for the land.

Over the past few years i have been carefully analysing the videos that Alshabab post on YouTube and i realised that its a propaganda war, they never post a full video of their colleagues being shot dead which of course they are the majority who die on attacks against AMISOM, for instance there is a video that Al khataib posted on YouTube of how Alshabab successfully blew a military truck with allegedly KDF soldiers on Kenyan coast but after watching the video carefully i realized the video was familiar from a documentary i had watched few months before about the Congolese military and the fight against the Congolese rebels. In that video it is the Congolese military truck that was blown by the Congolese rebels in Congo and not KDF as Alshabab had claimed. There intention is to spread propaganda to potential jihadists to come and join the war as they are ‘winning’ it.

What i know is that Alshabaab were killed insamountably, only that they hurriedly burry their dead Soldiers in order To deny head count of the dead, thus hiding evidence so that they may not couse panic, and trauma amongst themselves. But the truth is that they die in large numbers

Strike when the iron is still akenyan I have no business or concern about how may shabaabs died! fear is
When are we leaving somalia…lets face the fact, we are dying than we expected!

KDF withdraws from two towns leaving the residents in the cruel hands of aal shabaab, who swiftly punishes the collaborators, i wonder if this is a tactical withdrawal or just being scared to face the ragtag militants, what did ethiopians do diffrently that they managed to contain the militants once and for all, i wonder

The kenyan constitution allows a thief to have freedom.corruption to be corrupt.. terrorist is arrested now then after two hours there is no evidence. He is set free or given bond. He bounces back to kill. You are not a thief if you are my political patner or my tribe. That is why keeping the terrorist at bay in kenya its hard. Ethiopian its not magical

On point mash, i think there are more extra curricular activities that conflcts with the terrorists going on in somalia other than “linda kenya from outside”

kenyan the truth is KDF isnt going to protect you coz they cant protect their own selfs so u better withdrow ur men from our country
even now shabab is in kenya u need to save ur own country now

No terror group is not linked to America, ISISL being the latest, trained by AMERICAN devils in Jordan to serve their interest! You well know the history of ALQAEDA. An american is determined to put the arab world at any cost but I can’t tell hoe this will end!

.,The Era of the #New_World_Order.,it is with us.,and the greatest hinderance to this satanic calling.,#ISLAM.,must be fixed,done away with.,so all muslims must be labelled terrorists.,and to prove to the unsuspecting world, #Alqaeda_ISIS..,or such,were born.,set up and trained by the #CIA.,which achieved the rare feat of killing two birds=one stone..! 1)to check the spread of the then socialism.,(kicked the soviets out of afghanistan) 2)serve the objective of tarnishing Islam as a terror supporting Religion…!! After all aren’t isis,alshabab.,alqaeda muslims..?people,islam is the religion of peace.,those killing,maiming.,purpoting to be muslims are infact agents of the great satan.,namely #uncle_sam.,in his quest to neutralize Islam the Religion of haqq.,peace..,

If you knew how tactiful those boys are, you wudnt husstle with these heavy comments! Americans have created wars in this world that will take generations to end! Despite knowing the tribal differences and the risks involved, they go ahead to serve their selfish interests! It did nt require complex intelligence to know wat is happening in somalia, lybia, Afghanistan, etc wud happen as we see but these GREAT DEVILS OF THE WORLD went ahead to spark war!

Am a muslim and i can confess that al shabaab is not a jihadist group but rather a terror group,jihad is fighting for religion whereas al shabbab are killing even muslims,How can u claim that you are fighting religious war when ur killing ur fellow religion mates.

Does it really matter? Its like saying if you have nothing to eat you should go around the neighbourhood finding out how many others slept hungry? Its of little consolation. In my opinion we need to look at our military engagement, our strategy in Somalia dispassionately and ask ourselves hard questions: ls our continued stay achieving the set objectives? Are we on course? Do we have timelines, how long do we plan to be there? How do we win the hearts and minds of the local population and get them to partner more with us? Or even more fundamentally, should we escalate the Somali question and let the global community own it rather than just treat it as a horn of Africa or regional affair?

Almost 50% of the slain KDF soldiers were ethnic Somali ‘Kenyan Somalis’.
And that is insignificant. Isn’t it! ?

Somali people of Kenya have a long history of patriotism. Many times have they been part of or led situations that saved this country from the dogs.
In all situations, (a historical fact that many young people commenting foolishly don’t know) the known heroes, many still alive today didn’t have anything to do with the deadly and destructive events that almost consumed WHAT WE KNOW AS KENYA TODAY.They sought no gains either. These patriots and heroes,their families,ethnicity, ethnography or otherwise don’t deserve the kind of sentiments or hallucinatory nonsense coming from PEOPLE PURPORTING TO BE MORE KENYAN THAN OTHERS.

Unless Kenyans accept the inevitable reality of our diversity, there shall be no patriotism and the reason for it.

Misplaced argument and divisive comments HAS NEVER BEEN A SOLUTION TO A COUNTRY’S PREDICAMENT.

This kind of retrogressive attitude towards part of the citizens of Kenya doesn’t serve anyone. It only fuels disharmony and plays to the whims of terrorists’ agenda. Thanks brother Abdirahman Djibouti.

On fighting alshaabab Kenyans are united and ready to die for their Motherland just look at the army recruitments. Even if they killed 3 or 10 or 200 kdf tutazaa na tuendelee vita. Kenya is a youthful country and can assemble an army of 500,000troops very fast. What I know caliphate sahau kabisa. We will keep assassinating their leaders and they will never leave their caves. Even sex they will do it in holes.

@ Kihiu these takes me back to how, where u were intiated..Remind them these terrorists started with Grenades in Nairobi,to IEDs .After being chased by Ole lenku they run to Mpeketoni then Garissa to Somalia. If you ask a military expert : He/she’ ll tell the enemy is on the run.

yes u said that full three loaded truck of alshabaab body was seen kama wanaenda kuzikua bt we want the number of kdf who were killed. n remember when we lost 2kdf n 6 shabaab, bado 2meenda hasara ratio suporse to be 40shabaab:1soldier

The experiences in Somalia serve as an excellent case in point that limited (albeit sometimes inadequate) commitment to war inexplicably escalates violence thereby increasing the cost of war in tandem. The increasing cost of war in turn exerts greater strain on the limited economic resources of a nation thus consequently eroding the popular support for such a war besides crippling the political capital of the ruling regime. Democracies are especially vulnerable to small asymmetric wars as the high expectation of a quick and sure victory over a weak enemy is contradicted in actual reality by economic expediency and inelastic ethical tolerance for the prolongation of an escalating conflict (that continuously inflicts disproportionate casualties) hence draining popular support for the war and consequently compelling the government to withdraw prematurely from the conflict. In other words, small asymmetric wars are lost by Democracies at Home and not in the Battlefield. In Kenya, the war against al-Shabaab has proved the inherent difficulty in achieving maintainable domestic consensus for a protracted intertwined counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism campaign in

Why boast about killing and being killed? I believe it will be a diplomatic and not a military solution that will eventually work. sadly we will swallow our prides after so much blood has been spilt.

Every country has had rebels and they all tried military solution which all ended up not working then resorted to negotiations. For kenya is much easier that we don’t need to negotiate but come back and ensure our borders are unpenetrable

Well said zynab, we cant continue sheding blood in that manner.. Fighting and killing isnt the soln. Bt looking for ways of ending this war…. As a lasting soln…..

There is a funny guy with an arabic inscription wanting to represent the killers saying Americans walishindwa. Let the fool know Kenya is not america and there is no Guantanamo ask makaburi or Rogo who never feared death. I think he is on his 60th virgin. He must be having a ball,screwing nonstop.Blow yourselves but I know the rules have changed since al adde. Kenya is different from America and we will succeed where they failed. If only you knew how many Kenyans are willing to sacrifice their life to make sure a caliphate does not succeed near our borders. But Somalia thrives in trade for they have a dynamic population. But bringing Kenya or any part of it under religious rule forget.

Hehe. Thing is Kenya has media and is doing the talking i have a feeling these silent murderers are just silently at work. I worry that these people can overtake this country because of their weapons and sophistication. Only rumours and false bravado and Sons have not returned to their families nor do they have the bodies. Disaster.

thats awonderful spirit bro! even if we lost all our army men which am sure is imposible, we will train more and more boys but surrendering should not be found in our vocabulary

All these islamic faggots should go and ask the british government what they saw from our primitive gorrilla war and try to imagine that our erra is not primitive anymore.

rodgers kenyan are not that brave than alshabab cause alshabab is fighting nearly 7countries whom are armed to the tooth by the u.s and they are still there ok…kenya we are fighting people with no air suppor no contry that backs no allies and its been five years …am not a supporter of alshabab and i dont like somali people but the truth this is a war we will never win look at international group like isil they rose after american invasion i dont want us to suffer the same fate …..

thanks alot man, am wlling to die protecting my motherland ….if only i can get a chance to join other countrymen kdf fghting those evil jihadi….i love kenya…we wll defeat those idiot.

You are the most stupid person I ever came across. Infact you have no religion in that I assure it.if your mom or dad or even relative died and someone talks the same nonsense to you .will you feel comfortable? What kind of living thing are you? Style up your respect is free of charge.

You are lucky to be writing from your smartphone in the comfort of your shelter; apparently smart and well fed. Do you have an idea what it is like to be in a jungle fighting an enemy who fears nothing including death itself? If America being a super-power avoids those infidels, what makes you think KDF can trounce over these terrorists? Get serious and be pragmatic! You’re being excited over a matter of life and death!

Cowards like Otieno will never win any battle. We will fight these infidel terrorists untill they are all dead. I want to go and join my loyal kenyan soldiers in this fight.

Guy if I can be given a chance to eliminate this stupid jihadist fighters I cant waste a chance…le me also say that this alsaabab are using Gods name for the sake of hiding so that we cant elewa their deals bt now we know that they are evil

FYI…america was not defeated..they retreated….what s somali anyway??…they cld hve been nuked if we ddnt need them on earth ..same as afghan n iraq yemen etc…

Makaburi and Rogo were jihadi suicide preachers..oh..u know nothing yet about these terrorists…they love death more than living..they would blow themselves up if no one killed them..they kinda psychic or something…americans know it that’s why kenya is going to bleed …

I felt pity for kdf but someone here just hit me right on unhealing scar…kdf raped and killed our somali women and burried them in mass graves,a crime punishable by death…plz kdf stay a bit longer in somalia,we have some unfinished business with you

It is a fact we are mourning over a hundred fallen kdf soldiers. It is also a fact we lost alot of arsenal to al shaabab or whoever it was who inflicted such unprecedented loss to our soldiers. However, I don’t think it is our business to count their losses, which are definitely less than ours. Lets mourn our losses and leave them to mourn theirs. I still feel that we should mind our borders and let Somalia deal with their renegades .

How many kenyans were killed that is our concern as nation these somali pple if them alone cant mantain peace #Kenya dont lie to yourself and worship God and He will direct you instead of fighting the Church.

SIS you lie intentionally, feed the public with false information and shallow propaganda, there is no way the the terror casualties could not have been relayed to the public by KDF to ease the agitated public, i also highly doubt if any of your men are on the frontline assesing the ground and situation, you are not helping kenyans with lies because there must have been serious lapses in KDF

I fail to belive that our soldiers should continue staying in Somalia doing what Somialian soldiers aught to be doing. We fought the enemy from our borders let’s now secure the borders by extending our staying in Somali we are like the neighbours wailing louder than the bereaved.


Shida ni kwamba serikali ya kenya inachukulia kila mwisilamu ni gaidi…….i remember when i was looking for a letter of good conduct nilipeana all the requirements excluding a fee of 1000sh but mpaka sahi sijapata n its almost one year….ukienda unaambiwa ‘lazima haya majina yenu yachunguzwe’wht is that?it made me loose employment…..tuwache ubaguzi gava….hii kitu inaudhi….

There must be also fatalities on shabaabs side but it’s not easy to establish the number coz as one of their own was felled, they had lorries to carry their dead ones. They knew KDF is not a soft target. I have also noted these terrorists are always armed with propaganda tactics. They ensure none of their colleagues bodies will be seen. On this I suspect labda the dead belonged friendly forces, informers turn foe or close associates of KDF. So kujua wangapi waliuawa (terrorists) ni vigumu sana.

I wonder y KDF cant present the bodies of the al-shababs killed while al-shabab present them in hundreds and take interview from those they canptured and I have never seen amisom showing al-shabab bodies but I have seen amisom bodies more than 3 times

Just coz Al-Shabaab is propaganda oriented. I repeat once again the Al-Shabaab culprits might be KDF friendly forces, informers turn foe, Kenyans Xtians converts, NGO s officials, Western forces etc n dats the reason Shabaabs victims could not be paraded as the dead were loaded in trucks for obvious reasons.

As far as KDF is concerned, they did a good job. Keep it up. Bt the real question is who sponser these terrorists and why is it taking a longer period to finish them once and for all and we forget stori yao mara moja. thanks.

aman who said kenya should make somaliya another county my frnd your mistaken its easy to say aword by mouth but the best one always is action anyway get ths information kdf they dnt knw how to fight bt somaaliya even 10 years old knws hw use agun all in all its good its good kenya to stay thier country somaaliya its nt aplace of tourism but its aplace of death

#kenyan#idiots really here are an ather 6 men who are preparing attack to the #JKA kkkkkkkkk that is propaganda kenyan army lost their mission in somalia they started to trade sugar and charcole, and kdf are not well trained by the way if a few ill trained and ill equiped admistration police can over migingo Island and kenya authorities cld fight back, if a few i min lest than the 10 men to cld take over west gate and hold the whole country at ranson for a whole week. The confused military personnel came in with even tanks and artillery , but they cld even manage to secure the innocent civilians. A contigen of 10 thousands soldier and still the 6 Al shabab gangs got away. And here you are some of you shouting loud. Who please who is bragging?

kkkk #mahubi #mwinyi dnt blame me guys blame your girls (kdf) by the way are these ur real kdf ? !!!!!! sorry they lost so u have to rebuild ur useless national army atherwise it will be same power 6 al shabaab and 10,000 kdf .

if your country is so good what are you doing here? secondly if you alshaabab are so good why atack innocent people in westgate? wee mjinga tu,we ni kama wale watoto hawaogi kamasi migi na wageni wakiingia unatoka kuomba food.

Liibaan Mahamed Omar Hakaar who are idiots Somalis or Kenyans? let me help you fool camel blood is precious than blood of Somalis ISLAM will never be the religion of the world when Mohammed died Islam was buried,I know you praise alshababs as mujaheedins fighting for Allah stupid people .

#soyotutu i am not in kenya but if you mean somali refugee in dhadhab,garisa, wajer , you wrong all are somali cities so thanks to the somali leaders who are there, an ather #soyotutu realy am vry sorry what happened garisa university and westgate my religion doesn’t allow killing civilians

#richard you would like that but never if so what is el adde revenge but mouse blood precious than blood of kdf , yes prophet mhmd (scw)died he was best human but allah is remain for ever and the religion belongs to the allah so look ur front and back islam is every where and last i am not al shabaab i hate only ur kdf in somalia who trade sugar and charcoal.

but atleast it’s good to hear you are not alshabab and dnt support killing civilians. u say u hate kdf coz they trade charcoal and sugar. dont u get money if they trade

#Ben #Ndegwa are they here to trade illegally or to fight ?????!!!!!! i am sure u knw how ur kdf are involving corruption and bribe so that trade is not normal trade , they export the charcoal of the country to the kenya illegally and also when they feel painfull attacks from alshabaab they start shelling every where without care and killing civilians as revenge.

#Liban#moh#it seems u r an alshabab fm al I av read ua text,wat do u gain when u kill innocent people who are nt even prepared,why can’t u b man enough to face people,who are ready,Jesus is alive n mohmed iz dead, our God will fight with you,u sim u av even links to them bt we shall trust upon God. Wait n see

#margaret #mwangi kkkkkk i liked the way u talked but let me to tell you really i am not alshabaab even i don’t support by the way my/ur muhamad and my/ur ise (jesus) did not order killing innocent people so to talk as somali citizen it doesn’t mean that i am alshabaab so allah will fight with ur useless kdf and every one who bothered his innocent civilians, ok waiting insha allah .

Muhammad is a great grandson of the father of faith Ibrahim..both are prophets…they are not gods…jesus is not dead,he never died,infact he is coming to die as a shaheed fighting along muslims to kill the anti-Christ….Jesus is a holy prophet of Allah,a muslims and a brother to muhammad…muhammad loves Jesus and jesus love muhammad…they both serve one Allah…

Ok now that alshabaab is killing both muslims and christians,kdf is no exception..they killed many civilians last week,they trade illegal goods in the somali parliament wants them out..El adde was just a warning…i hope you heard the Gedo governor loud and clear…kdf out…or be forced out..or rather be smoked out…

It’s apparent that most Somalis civilian are against the presence of KDF and Ethiopian not because they support shabaab but bcoz they suffer in indiscriminately in their hands. Killing civilian as revenge and calling them terrorist will only tilt the game towards the other side. You can’t liberate some one who sees you as an aggressor. KDF should make sure they have the support of the local people or risk the same blunder.

it always looks like kdf knows the hideouts and where to find this terrorists…because as soon as they are attacked is when they counter attack…so why wait 4 a disaster to happen???

Big true. .. Other Kenyans. .. wants that our number of our heroes be announced.. can’t they see even the enemy cannot announced theirs!! Hii si game ama boxing ili tuone eti umefika ama umeshinda. … Hii ni ku fight na ibilisi Shetani ambaye amejitolea kufa watu wapenda amani watu wa Mungu. …

I think Kenyans are not much interested in the number of Alshabaab killed in the counter attack but we are much concerned with the number of our own brothers who died for us, why is the number hidden? death is never hidden in our traditional customs, Serikali iko na mchezo sana

thats a scret and there is no country which has ever given the exact numbers of their soldiers killed ,this wil help the enemies to spread propaganda hence lowering the molale of security officers

A countrywide panic is not what we want right now. Giving information to the public on the number of KDF soldiers that died is like glorifying the Al shabaab murderous act

U feel pain when ur kdf r killied dnt u thinkng even for from the other doezn’t have parent who feel the same.wacheni ujinga eti well trained by who?kuchapwa hata hamujachapwa kichapo cn u fight somebody who’s dieng is ok to him or her? The goverment thinkz we r fools let the talk the trueth.

I do,she don’t know too…I search on google I find it… Al-shabab means =killers
And Kenya means=corruption… So wts the point of this

The first KDF who went and successful came out of somali passed propaganda to otherz who are now on the ground that going in somali you get highly paid and more allowance are there hence ruinned their mindz in termz of MONEY making forgeting that they have enemy there and they are suppose to clear and completely destroy them before they learn theirs(kdf) tactics in shotest time possible!!! this is greedy of money that cause this whether they like it or not!!”

KDF being in somalia is nt a choice bt its a neccesity so those who are saying kdf shd leave somalia shd stp cheating us let them stay there untill they accomplish their mission

a simple quiz Koech, What is their mission in Somalia? If u think is to stop terrorism, then You and Them are wrong. Terrorism started from Abraham’s family, Ishmael. It’s not ending as soon as you may think. Let them come and defend us from here and then go there on SPECIFIC mission for a day or two

What you clowns dont take into account is that these two nations are independent and both have a host of their own unique uncountable problems. Having said that, Kenya should be busy with her own challenges while the same must be said of dirty Somalia. What is the role of of The Kenya Defence Force? Is it not primarily to defend our borders and the nation against foreign attacks? The invasion of Somalia in my very lowly opinion was an ill adviced decision. They should heavily protect each border with great emphasis on this enemy’s frontiers! The internal security network must then efficiently keep the country safe and secure from within. With all the high poverty rates and rampant corruption among a myriad of problems, it is absurd to see this sorry government burn millions of dollars in a fruitless operation headed to fall on the nose. [just thinking]

The battle field is in Nairobi with the population of undocumented somalis in Nairobi walking around with Dollar bills to bribe there way around , I am not not sure if those bases are the main places these AL-SHABAAB operate from there is a bank somewhere, that keeps their resources, the last street battle between the police force in Eastliegh went for hours as they secure their printing machines and this was never found.

If only President Moi was still in office the story would be different the CID knew where and when to get them. Was it not a former Immigration Minister who gave them access to citizenship.

They wiped which al shabaab and today they have killed our five APs and injured many others in boni lamu ?? Its God who’s protecting us, no-one else…If they choose to wipe us maybe uhuruto with GSU camps in their homes will survive…

You know… This human nature of investing into particular activities until mind frames are altered is quite puzzling… I’d call for a sieze fire since it is becoming apparent to me that this is a logical war…being fought through replicating statistics on either side…so it lost its actual initial sense(which would be pointless to fight over either way) …. Let’s all just be conscious Han beings and evolve our species… Perceive not as citizens but as a part that makes the whole human entity. Let’s invest all this crap into the movie scene maybe… I rather see fat couch potatoes than bomb scares and actual bombings any day

I am made to understand that AMISOM camps and bases are in close proximity with SNA camps…despite this being being the case in Somalia, we haven’t heard of a single SNA casualty or any evidence that SNA was in their camp… this is big miracle I guess.. but the wise know what happened and who assisted the terrorists…

Njuguna.u r very right.but the SNA gave the KDF intelligent informations abt an imminent attack on their camp,but wht did KDF do?ignore the informtion just like Westgate n Garrisa Univ intellingent information in which they wa caught pls the SNA r blameless.

KDF has said they were not given any information…and why would I trust that SNA general while we know very well he was once detained by KDF in kismayu…..I would expect that if they knew of the attack, they would have stayed and defended the bases alongside the KDF… but they left their camp before attack happened.. Is that what we should call an ally in war?

I am a very patriotic Kenyan, but we must admit that something is seriously wrong somewhere with our defence systems. Right from recruitment, training, deployement, command etc. So many unanswered questions.

What am seeing is that muslims names here are commenting in support of Al shabaabs meaning that they are happy when our soldiers suffer. Then it shows that they have very bad doctrines implanted in their minds. For sure alshabaabs are muslims who have bad doctrines.

Did you people know that #Alshabaab militants while on the attack mission every fighter puts on a suicide vest read for detonation? They are always ready to quickly change from earthly life to heavenly life in paradise! Hakuna hasara kwao!

Iam a Muq’min n hate those terrorist who call themselves Jihadist. I love my deen bt sometym i feel lik iam gonna defect from Islam. Hw can someone say that these Al Shabaabs r Jihadist n i know the word Jihad means Holy war (fightin in de way of Allah).

Christ is God and the only savior…Islam is a fascist political ideology,bent on world domination under The veil of a religion
Those Muslims who fight with all their things are the true followers of Allah and will be rewarded
Alshabaab are the true Muslims..

Here are some of verses from the Quran advocating and approving all that Alshabaab does , and hence making them the true believers
The Qur’an tells Muslims to kill and go to war to fight for Islam: Quran, chapters (Surahs) 9:5, 2:191, 2:193, 3:118, 4:75, 76, 5:33, 8:12, 8:65, 9:73, 123, 33:60-62.
Fight for Allah: “And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers,” (Quran 2:191).
Muslims are to battle for Allah: “Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak,” (Quran 4:76).
Kill those against Islam: “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter,” (Quran 5:33).
Beheading: “When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. 13That is because they opposed Allah and His messenger. Whoso opposeth Allah and His messenger, (for him) lo! Allah is severe in punishment,” (Quran 8:12).
Allah urges war: “O Prophet! urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand,” (Quran 8:65).
Slay non-muslims: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful,” (Quran 9:5).

@Em ,u r mistaken man.look @ the context of those verces pls……..its talking abt during the Roman and primitives Arab of that time,Quran talks abt Past,present n future,not like those verces are of the past.

I think intelligence sources could not release propaganda. Matters of security are not fanatical or fancy of people’s mediocrity of the minds. Is this really platform in our intelligence service. I doubt. is it a masquerading or propagator of abnonxious thoughts in enemy agendunm?

We don’t care about the number of those rats that were killed,they had nothing to live for anyways,but no amount of them dead can equal 1 KDF hero we lost..not even 1000.

How can we digest a gorilla insurgents can over run a military garison ewuipped with the most modern equipment.
The government of kenya is not doing enough to make changes in their forces to do efficient job. The most important is to revise their income and supervise that their budget is spent in an accountable manner.

You seem to be a sympathyza! So you support what terrorists support that Kenyan army returns? Americans are our close brothers and together we will forever frustrate this pigs and demons, eti shabaab

Sambul u r very right on the proxy war thingy but pulling our soldiers out of that hell hole means death to many people (innocent civilians etc)… lets all support our men and women in uniform for the work they’re doing

Sambul u r very right on the proxy war thingy but pulling our soldiers out of that hell hole means death to many people (innocent civilians etc)… lets all support our men and women in uniform for the work they’re doing……. @Kemei u clearly dont understand how the world is my friend, read more about wars starting from ww1 to isis n u will see proxy war written all over

#Few individuals kama Kemei wanaturudisha nyuma ati unaniita sympathizer…alshabab never harm you the much they harm me….Our major problem with our military is they have internalise who the Enemy is……The fight in Somalia is dimensional multi-complex as there double agents in Amison anD SNA

Amongst those soldiers killed by al shaabab some are our somali kebyans,hii ujinga msomali wa Kenya anasema sijui alshaabab ita prevail aende a join alshaabab basi aone tukideploy one thousand combatants somali tufyeke,US ilifail ju walipata hakuna oil na walikuwa na agenda,sisi yetu ni simple bring Mahmoud’s government to somalis not alshaabab sharia laws…

Let THEM keep dieng because thats what they want. They should pull out. They are fighting the terrorist demon. beef security on all the somali borders and the internal security do their job.

tell us how many kdf were killed.. even if you killed 1000 al shaabab we have no business with them. aren’t our sister and brothers, otherwise you will be misleading Kenyans to divert our attention.

Have you ever seen a christian somalian?,their terrorisim is fighting jihad,killing non muslim and imposing sharia laws,where woman have no rights in the society,your daughter not allowed to go to school,only studing koran!

Its the same way you may ask why r mungikis emerging from kikuyu … Does it mean all kikiyus are mungikis??? Not really but i under its bcos most non muslims are not aware of the correct islam teaching s which is peace and love n not violence

##Aleey Shukreey, plse respect kikuyu community and don’t mention MUNGIKI here, you might bring the worst to your community in urban places in kenya. Don’t start a fire that you can’t put off.

The problem with kenya is most of them bribed for their successful reculuitment hence leaving genuine young boys and ladies who deserve that chance to join the miltaly poor kenyans are yerning for that but they cannt make i think they are baying for injustice and greedy of money God must punish them that is true!!

Man I have been thinking on the same….most of our soldiers lack what we call psychological mind for war this is so because majority only went the after paying bribes just to earn salary..However after being sent to a war torn country is when they realise that military is more than just salary..this leads into panic amongst most of our servicemen such that any attack they cannot quickly apply the war tactics enough to rebel the enemy with minimal casualty

That is why alshaabab winns them because they also have passion and are sycholodgically read and prepared hence died afew but kill a hundreds and ifen took others alive shame on them!!!! let the whole country know this !!!

Arnes(ANUS) chege!! ifen you name tell how stupid you are guyz you are thinking around your anus! be self employed instead of depending on the government to employ you!!!you hate the truth thats why you will die ifen without having a home silly!!

mose,De.How awful you are !! in this debate we need great thinkerz! open your mind kijana! nobody is happy with the killings of kdf in somalia we need solution but not such big mouth of yourz thinking of abuse open your mind infact i am self employed i donnt sleep out like a dog! be with your family and enjoy life is shot i cannt join alshabaab the enemy of the country instead i will defend my motherland in all means!! think out of the box Omera!!

I am sure hundreds of them were killed …but they hurriedly took the bodies away on lorries..something that has not been reported. Another thing that wasn’t reported is that Shabaab used children in the attack. When KDF keep quite with this info Shabaab exploit it with propaganda. They know a compnay under a major has over 100 soldiers so they will simply put the figures above that number.

Who cares if they use children killing all kdf solders is most important thing and thanks god they killed 100 captured 12 a live and i cant wait to watch the video that they will upload on websites

They were Robots I think, lets hope the KDF had rubber bullets that’s why casualties on Al Shabaab was never asked. Proffesional Army…KDF…jah bless.

we have no body to trust in this Government!! i wonder what kind of leaders we choose starting from our president !!!! they are full of lies our brothers and sisters have died others are held hostile!!!

am not a muslim but nobody should humiliate them with bitter words since c wote terrorists despite the fact that the terrorists associate themselves with islamic religion.give a break to the muslims

@Hashim welcome,nobody should associate you with that group coz when corruption is talked of nobody says that all christians are corrupt and the fact is most corrupt guys in kenya belong to christian religion

.,oh and as we talk.,about muslims and terror.,let us not forget the human shield muslims provided for their fellow xtian passengers,in the recent mandera bus attack.,one muslim passenger a teacher died from wounds sustained from gunfire when shielding a christian from bullets.,a terrorist..??

It’s such a pity #Tonito.,if only people understood the principles of my Religion., they’d appreciate that something is very much amiss somewhere.#Tonito.,Someone in washington knows what is cooking,especially when we factor in,The New World order ! And am afraid.,coz someone somewhere wants to portray Islam,my peaceful Religion in bad light.,make it appear as a terrorism inclined outfit.,for reasons well beyond most people’s understanding.,

Possible. But in most wars, normally the side who carry the attack sustain less casualties than the side that being attacked. And if they were unaware and unprepared the damage is worse. I heard some Kenyan soldiers were playing cards when Alshabaab was infront of their rooms. I am wondering why KDF in El Ade failed to get even a single piece of information about an attack which has been prepared inside El Ade?

if only i were the preaident .. wallahi dini ingekuwa moja tu…gues gani…..the rest ni ma terrorist takataka wao..oue kdf will wi the war…….matako alshaaaabb mtakufa kama maumbwa tu…..i hate u

We should think for a better way of fighting this great enemy.If need be led them also be made to know the sweet peace, love and harmony so that they can also be positively fit to the society because they are already animals and not humans.Let us not be blame for their status but we can lead to make them also behave well when we try our best to make them change, we should not be the ones to ignite them alone,but if any possibility heal and pray for them to accept humanity and harmony

When ethiopian forces first invaded somalia it just took them sum 3 months to wipe them from the north to all the way down to kismayu, infact their leaders the them Islamic courts high clique ran with their tales between their legs and begged for asylum in kenya. Then then newly elected president Mwai Kibaki was caterogically warned of dire consequencies shld he grant them save haven. So they fled to different countries including Saudi Yemen and others. I wonder why it has take kenya many years just to secure one town (kismayu) and struggle to keep it.

#Ireri u so ignorant, i have noticed you always run your mouth with out any facts. Ethiopia sent 6782 soldiers to be exact. 1031 we lost in the battle, on the other hand over 20,000 fighters of IC fighters lost their lives including some civilians, upon which european union , US and other western countries urged ethiopia to rescind their decision to stay, where are you fetching you lies from?

You can run your mouth dry but the Ethiopians reign never lasted, before Kdf ventured AMISOM onlt thought of securing Mogadishu. Ethopians, Ugandans and Burundians have suffered similar attacks but in your convoluted mind you can only grasp KDF and Kismayo

#Murage pole sana brother, u can rest assured am more privy to this than you ever be, we have 2000 yrs history with somali in conflict, and i can tell you nit one single day the somali defeated the ethipian army. Ethiopia were urged and pressure to leaved somalia by the western powers after the annihilation and massacre inflicted on somalis. And it was with in months unlike your pathetic soldiers who are only good at clobbering innocent protesters on the streets on nairobi and other towns.

Kindly stop bragging for no apparent reason. All and sundry remember Ethiopian forces hurried exit from the Somalia theatre in 2006.What happened in El_adde is not an isolated case, that can be deemed a preserve for the KDF. We are all in Somalia for a common cause. Let’s shun mediocrity and embrace a sober approach if we must win against these miserable dogs!

hehehe really, hurried exit? Really? And by the way if a few ill trained and ill equiped admistration police can over migingo Island and kenya authorities cld fight back, if a few i min lest than the 10 men to cld take over west gate and hold the whole country at ranson for a whole week. The confused military personnel came in with even tanks and artillery , but they cld even manage to secure the innocent civilians. A contigen of 10 thousands soldier and still the 6 Al shabab gangs got away. And here you are some of you shouting loud. Who please who is bragging?

#John you pleading you ignorance. Please back and get you facts right. Kenya is no match for any country. That i can tell you with out any shadow of a doubt. The only thing Kenya is known for is parades and clobbering innocent hawkers and protesters in the streets of nairobi and other towns, cowards!

I didnt say i hate kenya but dnt ignorantly burry your head in the sand like proverbial ostrich. What hpnd in Lamu when over hundred innocent kenyans died over a 3 month period of operation am u will say its the council again or even G4s

Do u know that kenya is ranked number 43 in the world thn kismayu cme under kenyan forces my friend if ur not itrested in kenyan forces then just stop talking nonesense boss

Gashe Allemou remember 1977 when SNA entered deep into ethopia and they actualy made their way to adisababa lucky for u salves other coutreis like cupa helped u and then we retreated
never forget u cant even stay in fight with somalis for hours the 1st second ur trooops will start crying that is the realty idiot

#Gashe allemou ask you grandpa about1977. It somehow pathetic for a goverment to brag about a triumph over a bunch of rebels whos forces are half yours and strategies are gorilla warfare agains a national with all sorts of weopons of mass destruction not to mention war crafts , backed by western allies. And the funny thing is the mission was terminated because you failed. The mission was initialy peace keeping which was later changed to peace reenforcement and after a mass civilian massacre the mission was aborted and the u.s opted for ugand. I mean what is there to brag about.

Gashe Ethiopian troups died more than any other foriegn troups in Somalia, but your country is under developing country you dont have Media which tells its people what hapened to their troups, and your troups dnt hv any value with their nation. Believe me i was with 3 boys who killed 38 of your troups in one single day without any difficults! If we want to kill your people like Kenyans it wont take even 1 sec!

simple answer,ethiopia acted as the aggresor protecting her integrity.. they were not under peacekeeping mission like kenya where humanitarian law is gashe you are clueless…had it been kenya using ruthless force,a similar scenario like black hawk down would happen..and the fact that there are many somalis in would work against us

@abdul hajj somalis and somalia are no match for ethio and this explain why al shabbab rag tag millitia will die dreaming of entry into ethio.the devastation somalis ICU suffered under ethio forces could only be captured by certain somali musician who even cried recording the song!try kenya but not ethio n oromia

Hey man, in times of war, it is very easy to win a battle than war itself. You can also win the war & loose it on the same battle field. Ethiopia won the battle but not the war. TO OUR COMRADES IN THE KDF, TAKE HEART, The duty you are dying for is not yet accomplished, it’s you & we to accomplish it.

Boru Tutana go back home and ask your granparants what happened in Ogaden War. You know we are the only nation that capured many towns of your country. Somalia is lack of Government but still we are strong herous. You defeated ICU because of the US supports. The body of ethiopian soldiers was dragged though the streets of Mogadishu by our children. We live strong by sacking the blood of our enamies.

Collins Lang’at i think you running your mouth with out substantive fact. Humanitarian? Who asked for it? You invade another country in thr name if chasing Alshabab with all your military might and you call it humanitarian. Then you are killed like rats and your soldiers run helter skelter in confusion in fact some are said to have trekked more than a hundred kilometers to wajir border, the fear and shock so evident. Peeing and defecting on them selves. And these are what you call soldiers. Ooh please.

Abdull Hajji in ogaden war u came running claiming ogadenia to be part of somalia but then and u were killed like rats and the few who remained went back to ur pathetic somalia with their tails between their legs. Ethiopia forces chased all the way into somalia where Siad Barre your stupid bald headed president begged for peace. And thats why even today Ogaden remains part and parcel of Ethiopia. You can back and ask your octogenarian grand father if he is alive any way, coz i blve he was one of those who died like rats.