Houthi Militia Military Information Head, Col. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Khatib Killed near Najran

Latest reports from Yemeni army indicate that colonel Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Khatib, one of the prominent commanders of the Houthi militia and who doubled as the head of it war propaganda and media division has been killed.

Colonel Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Khatib was killed alongside several of his bodyguards in the northern province of Saada locality, near Najran.

According to a report by Al Arabiya news, another Houthi leader, Abdul Khaliq Al-Karmouchi was also killed when Yemeni army and the militias clashed.

The killing of the two prominent leaders is a huge blow to the struggling militia group.

In other reports, the Media Center of the Yemeni army has also announced that it has regained control over the Brigade 101 camp Mica, which is an important market northeast province of Saada from the militia reign.


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