High Terror Alert in Leego Somalia over Increased Al Shabaab Terror Threats

All security agencies in Somalia are on keen watch out for suspicious militant activity following increased terror threats from the militant group, Al Shabaab.

This time, the threats have targeted Leego province where the militant group has circulated materials warning residents to vacate their homes otherwise be attacked. Through terrorist threat alerts, the public is warned to be on the watch for suspicious activity and to maintain a heightened state of alert.

Leego village lies 90 Kilometers northwest of capital Mogadishu. Somali soldiers in Leego launched an operation to beef up the security in the areas identified as potential Al shabaab targets.

It is in Leego province that Al Shabaab militants last June stormed the African Union troops’ base in and killed a number of Ugandan peacekeepers of AMISOM contingent.

Somali anti-terror agencies are committed to pre-emptive measures towards the terror threats. Residents not only in the province of Leego are warned to stay alert as well as keep calm. They should report any suspicious activity however negligible to the authorities. This is the single most vital element of preempting terror.

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