Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen Ambush on AMISOM Base in Leego Foiled

Al Shabaab Militants Ambush on AU Base in Leego
Al Shabaab Militants Ambush on AU Base in Leego
Al Shabaab Militants Ambush on AU Army Base in Leego

Saturday 12th September 2015, latest OSINT reports indicate Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen movement have tried to breach forward AMISOM base in Leego.

Al Shabaab militants fired heavy mortar rounds at a military base belonging to the African Union peacekeeping troops in Somalia (AMISOM), the 2nd barrage in two months.

In June 26, the Al Qaeda branch in Somalia — Al Shabaab militants launched a massive deadly raid on AMISOM’s Leego base and killed scores of AU Soldiers manning the area.

Al Shabaab militants attacked the AU military base Friday afternoon and last night, but have been repulsed by AMISOM forces who were on alert.

Credible OSINT reports said AMISOM Soldiers did respond with shelling mortars at different locations nearby Leego village in Lower Shabelle region in which militant remnants regularly conduct sporadic attacks at government and AU forces.

In such kind of ambush, Al Shabaab terror groups claims responsibility and often gives higher death tolls than the actual BDA from military intelligence as part of their warfare strategy (Information warfare/propaganda).

Intelligence on Al Shabaab Islamist group in Somalia has pointed that the outfit is attempting to ideologically inspire followers and sympathizers through religious symbolism and acting using religious events told in the Holy Koran in theater to sell the extremism and advance on their sole goal of overthrowing international aided government and installing their strict Islamist Sharia Law.

Unfortunately, such violent extremism is impermissible and is viewed legally, as terrorism and crime that attracts severe punishment.

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