GSU RECCE Company; Elite Commandos Squadron

the Commandos in charge of the high risk rescue mission at Westgate Mall and Garissa University College Massacre
the hardened GSU RECCE squadron of Kenya

RECCE Company is a squadron in the paramilitary arm of the Kenya Police, General Service Unit (GSU). The GSU RECCE Company is headquartered in Ruiru where between 500 and 2000 highly trained soldiers are situated. The exact number of soldiers in the squadron is not known owing to the level of covertness and discreteness exhibited in their operations and existence.

The GSU RECCE Company undergoes one of the most intense and even life threatening training that is done both in the country and abroad, mainly UK, USA and Israel. Their expertise can only be compared to other elite soldier-forces in the world like the UK’s SAS, USA’s Delta Force, France’s EPIGN or Israel’s Sayaret Matkal.

The GSU RECCE Company is so efficient so much so that they are deployed to war, critical hostage rescue and other very high risk operations. They however are tasked crucially to provide support for other GSU company.

The RECCE Squadron has three major unit ensures the efficacy of the Company; Sky Marshal Unit which is an undercover counter terrorist unit onboard commercial planes and counters plane hijackings, Crisis Response Team that is usually on standby that reacts to counter any matter tending to go out of hand and the last unit is Rendition Operation Unit which is exclusively trained abroad.

While very little about the GSU RECCE Company is public knowledge they operate like a thief in the night, their result speak for themselves seeing as they don’t take credit for operations they are involved in. in the recent past at the wake of increasing terror attacks in Kenya, their presence has been felt for than any other era of their existence.

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Remarkably, they ended the dreadful Westgate Mall Siege in Nairobi, the Garissa University College Massacre ended just shortly after they landed and took charge of the situation saving a the number of causalities from increasing. It is a force to reckon with as they level of success in combat operations is almost perfect.

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