GoK Must Protect National Interests

As an internationally recognized sovereign nation ruled by a civilian government under a legal and binding constitution; Kenya is legally bound to protect its national interests. The most vital of these national interests are:
1. Preservation of territorial integrity.
2. Establishment of peace and security within the nation.
3. Maintenance of law and order.
4. Consolidation of a developed, mature and versatile political system.
5. Assurance of national development.

The economic and cultural interconnectedness of Kenya with its neighbors and the outside world infers that challenges facing Kenya emanate from within and outside the nation. For this reason, the security fraternity working alongside an astute political leadership must formulate policies and strategies for dealing with both existing and potential challenges so as to ensure vital national interests are protected.

KDF and NIS can be credited with the preservation of territorial integrity. It is also noteworthy that the security fraternity has been able to invoke their legal rights and obligations when carrying out their mandate. The internal security forces have tried their best to ensure that Kenyans live in a safe country regardless of the capacity deficiencies within the forces. The judiciary has been able to execute legislative reforms. On a grand scale, the police and the judiciary, under oversight of the executive, can be commended for maintaining law and order.

However, elements of judicial activism have hampered counter-terrorism efforts and also nurtured nascent political ineptitude. Such political ineptitude has in turn hampered the consolidation of a developed and mature political system, and this endangers the national security of the nation. An unstable or unpredictable political environment does inhibit national development hence stagnating the social-economic progress of Kenya. It is for this reason that GoK must prudently and astutely stabilize the political system in Kenya or it risks compromising national interests.

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