Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2015 Set to Benefit US, Kenyan Companies in Partnering & Driving Innovation

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In August 2014, President Barack Obama hosted African leaders in Washington for US-Africa Leaders Summit that looked to discuss African matter and their holistic relationship with the United States.

Top of the agenda of the summit was: investment in the youth, global co-operation in health, food security and climate change, trade, counterterrorism, energy and power accessibility to all Africans.

25-26th July 2015- the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the UN compound in Gigiri that will converge entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and innovators. The Summit will be hosted by POTUS Barack Obama whose visit underpins the blossoming relations between Kenya and the U.S.


The US-Africa Leaders Summit was a groundbreaking summit for the Africa-U.S. relations that underpinned the commitment of President Obama to Africa on all matters holistically.

One of the major commitments was investing in the youth by promoting skills development, innovation and research to create employment for youths.

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit underpins the power of technology, fueling innovation and entrepreneurship in reference to this Nairobi couldn’t be a better host seeing as its regarded as the technological hub in the larger Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya is home to some of the largest tech-hubs like iHub and Nailab that use technology to create solutions for local issues.

Recently Kenya was elevated to the Middle-income country and third fastest growing economy globally. The country has initiated projects in line with Vision 2030. This makes Kenya a desired destination for investors wishing to invest in Kenya as well as penetrate the African market.

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The east African country pioneered and successfully established mobile money transfers reaching financial services to people that previously lacked such facilities.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit Outcomes:

Kenya has achieved milestones in innovation and entrepreneurship but the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will bring global investors creating partnerships that will elevate local establishments to global statuses and thereby creating the desired knowledge-based first world economy.

Kenyan firms are keen to use the Global Entrepreneurship Summit find global partners with expertise and financial wallop to help drive their expansion to global multinationals.

Energy sector is looking into alternative green energy sources likely to get the deep-pocketed investors to advance commitment of affordable and reliable energy.

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