General Service Unit & Rapid Deployment Officers Survive Roadside Bomb in Mandera


Tuesday 29th November 2016, the General Service Unit and Rapid Deployment Unit officers escaped unhurt after one of their vehicle ran over a roadside bomb.

The home-made bomb was planted on the road by suspected Al-Shabaab attackers targeting security forces vehicles escorting public vehicles.

The roadside bomb was planted on the road between Elwak-Dabacity in Mandera County.

According to the outgoing Mandera County police commander Job Boronjo, the officers had accompanied passenger buses and a lorry when the roadside explosive went off at 9am.

Five attackers took off towards Kenya-Somalia border on realizing the buses had a huge police escort.

A week ago, suspected Al-Shabaab militants were ambushed by police while planning to attack public vehicles in the county that borders Somalia. The militants took off some with gun injuries, leaving their weaponry behind.

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