General Godefroid Niyombare, Burundi Coup Leader Surrenders

Event: On Friday 15th May 2015, General Godefroid Niyombare of the Burundi Armed forces surrendered to the government of Burundi after admitting a coup he staged a day earlier had failed.

In a series of events that will shape the future of Burundi’s socio-politics, president Pierre Knurunziza returned to Bujumbura late Thursday from Tanzania after his military and intelligence service overturned the coup.

Ramifications of the Event (General Godefroid Niyombare)

The surrender of the former diplomat and intelligence chief signals a shift in political-military power dynamics in Burundi.

The political outlook of Burundi’s future after the failed coup is oblique. The government is likely to postpone elections citing deep ethno-political divisions.

General Godefroid Niyombare is likely to be incarcerated by the Burundian military junta. His career in the government service may have ended after the


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