Gen Julius Karangi Hints to Leave In Kenya Military Shake-Up

The Kenya Defence Forces Chief Gen Julius Karangi hinted to senior staff at Department of Defence on Wednesday at his imminent departure from service at the forces.

Karangi, 64, is expected to retire after 42 years of service in the Kenya military.

The announcements are in line with the meeting of senior commanders to discuss appointments, promotions and postings.

The Kenya Military Shake-Up expected this month will place the Vice Chief of the Defence, Gen Samson Mwathethe at the top command of the military, Intelligence sources have revealed.

The 62 years old KDF boss could be named to a new position of National Security Adviser expected to be created. The office of National Security Adviser is a senior position whose holder attends Cabinet meetings.

Gen Julius Karangigoes down Kenya’s list of most praised men for the successful military operation against the Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia under Operation Linda Nchi.

For this, he became the first four-star general to be decorated by the US military in 2014 for his role in the KDF offensive in Somalia.

Karangi is also the man responsible for overseeing a smooth transfer of power from President Kibaki to Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta.

Tension had been in Kenya after the 2013 presidential elections following the 2007/8 post electionviolence but the transfer of power from President Kibaki to Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta was ppeaceful.

Karangi, 64, a former Vice-Chief of General Staff, became the first Chief of Kenya Defence Forces under the new constitutional dispensation.

SIS sources said the Commandant of the National Defence College, Lt Gen J N Waweru is also being considered as Lt Gen Mwathethe’s deputy.

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The sources said the decision to announce the changes would be made either today or next week.

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