Fresh Fighting Between Puntland Forces and Al-Shabaab Militants Erupts in Dabakarale Village

SNA and puntland forces fresh clashes with Al-Shabaab

SNA and puntland forces fresh clashes with Al-Shabaab
SNA and puntland forces fresh clashes with Al-Shabaab
PUNTLAND Somalia, March 20, 2016

Military intelligence reports from Somali’s semi autonomous state of Puntland indicate that a fresh fight has erupted between Puntland forces and fighters loyal to Sheikh Mumin (pro-ISIL) in Dabakarale village located some 18 kilometers east of Gara’ad town on Sunday 20th March 2016.

Puntland forces launched a fresh operation against the militants after learning that they were gathering around in the locality and regrouping.

Puntland has witnessed clashes between it forces supported by the SNA for a week. The Islamist militants are believed to be pro-ISIL faction that split from Al-Shabaab.

Since the siege started in the beginning of the week, over 60 militants have been killed by puntland and allied forces.

Puntland which received military weaponry support from Federal government of Somalia on Friday had surrounded about 250 militants pinned down on the valley according to report by Puntland Intelligence Agency.

Reports indicate dozens of the militants in the valley have been killed while others have surrendered. The militants have been cut-off from essential supplies such as food and water besides their weapons/ammunition running out.

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