Former Al-Shabaab Leader Mukhtar Roobow Surrenders to Authorities

Latest reports from Somalia and cited on various open sources indicate that a key, top figure in Al-Shabaab surrendered to the authorities on Sunday.

Mukhtar Roobow, accepted too surrender to Somali Federal Government, officials confirmed on Sunaday.

The surrender came after closed-door meeting between officials from the Somali government and Roobow, which took place in Abal village, according to sources.

Following Mukhtar Roobow denouncing the terror group, Al-Shabaab militants and fighters loyal to Roobow have been fighting in Abal, a small town in Bakool region, a stronghold of his clan “Raxan-weyn”.

Al-Shabaab fell out with its former spokesman and deputy leader Robow in 2013 and he has been laying low in the jungles with his forces since then. The Islamists have launched multiple attacks to try kill or capture him.

In late June this year, US removed Mukhtar Roobow from its list of global terrorist people.


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