Foreign Forces Strike Al-Shabaab Stronghold in Jilib District Middle Jubba, Somalia

airstrikesJILIB Somalia, April 8, 2016

OSINT Summry, Foreign forces airstrikes have been reported to have bombarded Al-Shabaab controlled Jilib district in Somalia’s southern middle Jubba region.

Military reports indicate that the raid began with air bombardments before ground  special forces swooped into Jilib where they engaged Al-Shabaab fighters in a fierce gunfire.

Initial BDA reports indicate that over two dozens were killed in air and ground raids. The raid targeted the militant base in Jilib town.

The final figures of the raid on the Al-Shabaab camp not yet confirmed but the death toll is expected to rise.

U.S. military has stepped up special operations targeting top Al Shabaab leaders in south and central Somalia over the past few months.

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