Fierce Fighting between SNA and Al-Shabaab, Several Militants Killed in Barawe

Fierce fighting erupted between SNA and Al-Shabaab in Barawe Lower Shabelle killing several militants on Thursday.

Fighting erupted after Al-Shabaab attacked a Somali National Army base in Barawe killing a government soldier and three civilians in the gunfight that lasted for around 2 hours.

According to Omar Madowe, the District Commissioner for the region,  the attempted attack was successfully thwarted by SNA forces. Madowe noted that several militants including foreign militants were killed while several fled with gun wounds.

Al-Shabaab through their pro-media  claimed responsibility and announced that they had killed four SNA soldiers.

Al-Shabaab regularly inflates the number of those they claim to have killed for propaganda warfare purposes.

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