Fierce Fight Reported Between Somali Government Forces & Al-Shabaab in Tiyeglow

Corresponding reports from Tiyeglow residents indicate that fierce gunfight (heavy artillery) continue to be heard between Somali government forces and Al-Shabaab militants for the control of Tiyeglow town.

Military intelligence sources reports a group of Al-Shabaab militants in a coordinated terror attack targeting Somali Army base located in the outskirt of the town.

According to Mohamed Abdulle, the district commissioner of Tiyeglow , the army base at the moment had about 100 soldiers both from Somali army and AMISOM allies.

The district commissioner added that there were as many as eight suicide bombers who died in Wednesday’s attack.

More troops have been called in to reinforce their defenses and mitigate any loss.

AMISOM continues to support Somalia end terrorism in the war-torn country.


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