Fault Lines Emerge On ICC in Kenya’s William Ruto Case

ICC Day 1
ICC Judges on Tuesday granted the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court a week to bring her witnesses to stand. Lawyer Karim Khan for Kenya Deputy President William Ruto warned the court of nonexistent witnesses pointing out withdrawal and recanting of evidence by these witnesses. The prosecutor’s office in the recent past hinted it has over 42 witnesses lined up against William Ruto. In its presentation during the opening of the case the office of the prosecutor fell short of confirming it only has 22 witnesses.

The 22 witnesses by the prosecution are believed to be a group of victims of the 2007 violence scheduled to recount the events of the mayhem and a number of witnesses who are believed to be associates and operatives of the ODM allied politicians and businessmen from Rift Valley. This begs the question, how many among the 22 witnesses are actually the witnesses and who are the victims to give accounts of events? Hypothetically, the witness attrition problem maybe emerging as a major hurdle in the case and based on the legal and intelligence circles projections, paying and coaching then paying the witnesses is like hiring mercenaries and if they get better deals, they will fight your war.

The witness attrition and the lack of credible basis for an investigation that concludes the prosecutions staunch position that the violence was planned and not spontaneous will completely discredit the office of the prosecutor.

ICC is likely to be the most embarrassed international institution in the 21st Century forever taking the Kenyan cases with the ado and pride the prosecution has continued to portray.

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