False Media, Online Reports on Al-Shabaab Attacking KDF- Kolbiyow FOB

AMISOM has noted of false reports in the media and also circulating online claiming that the Somali-based Al-Shabaab terrorists had briefly taken over KDF-Kulbiyow Forward Operating Base.

On Sunday 4/6/2017, six Al-Shabaab operatives fired 1 RPG, several AK47 rounds and PKM towards Kulbiyow town from Kulbiyow-Badade road, in a probing attack.

On sighting the militants, AMISOM troops responded with two artillery fire forcing the militant to flee towards Badade district.

Information stating otherwise is false. AMISOM is working with Somali security forces to keep peace during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Separately, 14 Al-Shabaab terrorists including a mid-level commander were killed by Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in Abdidore 25 kilometers outside Kismayu Somalia.

The militants detonated two SVBIEDs and attempted to breach a KDF-FOB but KDF-Army Countered the  attack and preempted the threat on the FOB and subsequently successfully repelled the attackers.

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