Ex-Al-Shabaab Leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweis Says He Is Ready To Join Farmaajo’s Government

In a video release, an ex-Al-Shabaab leader, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweis confesses that he is ready to join and work with the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

In a 40 minutes video, Aweis made a passionate appeal to the Somalia President pointing out a few issues ailing the country.

In the start of the video, the former Hisbul Islam and Al-Shabaab leader, Sheikh Aweis makes a special prayer for the President saying that is the best prayer he could offer as an Islamic cleric to the leader of the country.

I want to give you two things which I listened to you saying many times, one is Somaliland and the other Al-Shabaab, Aweis posed.

Another senior Al-Shabaab leader and founder, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow in the past recent months surrendered to the government.

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