EU Naval Force Warships Joins Fresh Counter Piracy Patrols Off Somalia

In the past week, EU warships have joined fresh counter piracy off the coast of Somalia.

EU Naval Force including Spanish flagship, ESPS Galicia and French Frigate, FS Courbet have conducted joint counter-piracy patrols off the Somalia maritime coast.

Using EU Naval Force warships, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft carry out coordinated patrols along the Somali maritime coast and patrols further deep into the sea on regular basis.

Maritime patrols demonstrate of European Union’s continued commitment on helping Somalia, especially World Food Programme humanitarian aid vessels and other cargo ships targeted by militia and pirates as they transit through the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Recently, pirates had hijacked a fuel tanker, Aris 13 an indicator that armed pirates still have capability and intent of carrying out these attacks on Somalia coast.

Speaking about the recent pirate attack, EU NAVFOR’s Force Commander, Rafael Fernández-Pintado Muñoz-Rojas, while on board ESPS Galicia, stated:

We are all relieved that the crew from Aris 13 is now safe and able to contact their families. The attack highlights that we must not become complacent as the threat is real. I am proud of the men and women in my force who are working tirelessly to deter attacks on seafarers and their vessels.


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