Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome Praise Defense Forces for War on Al-Shabaab

President Mulatu Teshome of Ethiopia has praised country defense forces for the selfless fight against the Islamist Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

The president speaking at the celebration of the fifth Defense Forces Day held in Jigjiga town, capital of the Ethiopian Somali regional State on Tuesday February 14, 2017.

Teshome noted that the troops fighting the militants under very harsh environment and managing to inflict heavy losses on the militant group, Al-Shabaab.

He also awarded medals to 13th Division 4th battalion for their notable strides in combating Al-Shabaab that has destabilizing Somalia for years.

On his part, General Samora Yenus emphasized that Ethiopian troops were also actively engaged in peacekeeping operations in neighbouring countries as part of their regional security mandate. Ethiopia marks every February 14 as Defense Force Day.

Ethiopia has been a strong force in mediating in the South Sudan political crisis and in maintaining peace in neighbouring Somalia.


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