Ethiopia Urged To Address The Clashes In Oromia-Somali Border That Have Displaced At Least 50,000 People And Left 50 Dead

The Ethiopian government has been called upon by both the international and African community to swiftly address the clashes that have been reported at the border of Oromia and Somali regions of the country.

The government has admitted that clashes along the border of Ethiopia’s Oromia and Somali regions have displaced around 50,000 people, deaths of another 50 people have been reported according to a senior regional official.

The United States through its Embassy in Addis Ababa urged the government to conduct transparent investigations investigation into all allegations of violence and to hold those responsible accountable. Additionally, it advised that the local communities must be encouraged and given space to seek peaceful resolutions to the underlying conflict.

The clashes which have met by military interventions have been mainly based on a scramble for resources with the Somali being predominantly pastoralist and the Oromia farmers. The international community has, therefore, urged Addis Ababa to find a lasting solution to the unrest in a bid to avoid plunging into tribal clashes similar to those being experienced in some African countries.

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