Ethiopia Intercepts Weaponry being Smuggled into Country

Latest reports from Ethiopia indicate that the country’s security officers successfully intercept a large variety of weaponry being smuggled into the country.

According to Ethiopia’s defense minister Siraj Fegesa, the officer seized some 270 Kalashnikov rifles, 200 pistols, and a total of 66,000 bullets while being smuggled into the country.

Fegesa told the state-affiliated FANA broadcasting corporation that the arms were meant to escalate the conflicts happening in many parts of the Oromia and Amhara states.

Following the anti-government protests in these states as well as the recent clashes between the Somali and Oromia regional states that have left hundreds dead and caused tens of thousands to flee their villages, the national defense forces have been deployed in various areas.

The armed clashes comes after Ethiopia had lifted its ten-month state of emergency in Aug. 2017.

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