Dozens Al-Shabaab Militant Fighters Along A Senior Commander Killed By Drone Strikes in Lower Shabelle Region, Somalia

Drone Strike Hit Top Al Shabaab Convoy in Lower Shabelle, Somalia.
Drone Strike Hit Top Al Shabaab Convoy in Lower Shabelle, Somalia.
Drone Strike Hit Top Al Shabaab Convoy in Lower Shabelle, Somalia.


Tuesday 22nd December 2015, The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia suffered yet another huge blow after drone strike killed a senior commander alongside dozens other fighters in the night raid.

Dozens fighters believed to have been killed after a convoy of militant’s vehicles carrying a senior Al-Shabaab commander were hit and destroyed by drone strikes in Lower Shabelle region, Somalia.

The drone raid targeted a group of Al-Shabaab militants’ convoy at Baladu-Amin some 30 kilometers to the east of Wanlaweyn in the lower Shabelle region, southern Somalia.

Al Shabaab in the recent past months has suffered huge losses after successful drone strikes killed militants’ top figures.

Among the recently killed Al-Shabaab commanders in the drone strikes include, Abdirahaman Sandhere, overall commander of Lower Shabelle region Sheikh Mohamed Abdalla killed alongside two other commanders and 11 other fighters.

The killing of top leadership is a huge blow to the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist group that is already facing ISIS rivalry within its faction.

The Somali based militant group has staged several attacks in the Somalia’s capital Mogadishu in an effort to topple the western-backed government but it has faced resistance from the government forces backed by the African Union peacekeeping forces (AMISOM).

Since the entry of African Union peacekeeping troops, the militant group has been dislodged from strategic key towns and strongholds across Somalia.

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