Did Lapse in Intelligence Forces in Iraq Pave Way for ISIS in Mosul?

The fallen glory of ISIS in Tikrit has come as a surprise for the radicals but for the Iraqi government, it was expected.

The airstrikes which lasted for close to a month together with ground forces who came together to fight the militants off Tikrit ensured that the group’s downfall would be as intense as the destruction they have caused in Tikrit town.

This has been a total liberation but for some reason, ISIS is still making headlines in towns like Mosul and Hawija. Some have even crossed border into Turkey-a nation being accused of supporting the extremists.

On Wednesday, sources confirmed that ISIS could be seen parading their tanks and weapons in Mosul following Tikrit’s liberation from the radicals.

Inside Mosul, ISIS continues to showcase their “glory” despite defeat in their battles in Kobane and in Tikrit. They lost the battle and are now seeking refuge in new places.

However, what remains of Tikrit is complete fear, a sign of weakness and probably, an empty town with nothing left behind, save for charred bodies, booby traps and remains of what used to be residential places for the people of Tikrit.

While the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday was making his victory announcement over Tikrit, ISIS was crossing over to Mosul. The war to retake Tikrit has lasted for close to a year, since ISIS took over the town.

What remains of Tikrit

A great percentage of the Population in Tikrit was the Sunni Muslim, just like in ISIS. Those fighting ISIS off Tikrit were the Shiite militias who are feared to make attempt in failing the government in stabilizing the fallen Tikrit.

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The brutality left behind, thousands of dead Sunnis, some buried in mass graves and refugees who have fled to neighboring countries are what remain of Tikrit.

Although a good number of ISIS militants have been killed during the U.S.-led airstrikes, U.S. deputy special presidential envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, Brett McGurk, states that the tactic used to retake Tikrit shall be improved to drive out the gangs from other towns, including Mosul- Iraq’s second-largest city.

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