Devonte Dantzler, Sandy Gaddis & Jamie Williams Killed in SC Top Tourists Destination


Three people have been confirmed dead and 1 person hurt at a beach front motel in United States, police report.

Police confirmed that a shooting at an oceanfront motel in Myrtle Beach, one of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations led to the deaths of 3 people.

At 11.00am, gunfire erupted at Bermuda Sands Motel, a very popular tourist spot.

Police say the shootings happened infront of tourists at the Bermuda Sands Motel along the beach’s new boardwalk, Myrtle Beach

The names of the killed people are Devonte Dantzler, 21, of Summerville;

Sandy Gaddis, 22, of Summerville

Jamie Williams, 28, of Ladson.  The fourth victim is hospitalized.

Crime in the United States has soared to new highs even as the American media try to paint terrorism in East African powerhouse Kenya as a nation in crisis.

Kenya has accused US media of trying to create a scenario where Kenya is at turmoil.

US is grappling with gun problems with a weekend shooting leaving 6 people dead after a lone teenage gunman named Elliot Rodgers wen on rampage killing his college mates in Santa Barbara’s University of California.





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