Delta Force Brett Fredricks Killed by Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu Working for Bancroft

On brett-fredericksChristmas day of 2014, two al-Shabab fighters had slipped unseen into a patch of heavy brush.

They were part of 8 terrorists who had breached a military base in Somalia where from where Brett Fredricks was an advisor to the Ugandan AMISOM contingent.

One or both of Al-Shabaab militants opened up on the small group of Brett Fredricks and his soldiers, spraying them with bullets. One Ugandan soldier fell wounded, another dead. And an AK bullet hit Fredricks between the eyes, killing him instantly.

Fredricks’s is an exceptionally rare example of a retired member of Delta Force dying on a foreign battlefield.

The Pentagon doesn’t officially acknowledge 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, as the unit is known by its full name.

It’s the Army’s equivalent to the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, and its members are trained to conduct high-risk missions like freeing hostages or raiding enemy territory to kill or capture wanted militants.


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