Decoding, Preempting & Degrading Psychological Warfare Effect in France

Over 3.5 million people on Sunday marched in Europe to protest and warn Islamic extremists that Europe will destroy them.

In total  tt least 3.7 million marched across France in record mobilization to say NO TO TERRORISM

Among the marching, over 50 world leaders including Palestinian leaders backed by hundreds of thousands of Muslims rallied against terrorist and Islamic extremism.

Decoding and Preempting Psychological Warfare Effect Caused by Terrorism.

The objective of terror attacks is to shock and instill fear. The Charlie Hebdo terror attack struck a newspaper in the heart of Paris, the capital of France, a global power.

To preempt the threat posed by the psychological effect of information-psychological warfare, the French Intelligence quickly recommended the mobilization of the French to go to the streets and stand in unity against the terrorism activities.

The possibility of wreaking fear across the country due to the multi-pronged terror strategy used in France was very high.

The French could not believe they were being attacked from different sides. The big question would have been WHERE WAS THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE? WHERE WAS THE GOVERNMENT WHEN ALL THIS WAS BEING PLANNED AND ORCHESTRATED?

Anti-government sentiments as observed in Kenya every time a terror attack happens can easily bring down a government. The French learnt this from such cases and it moved quickly to preempt.

Decoding the message and preempting the intent is critical in stopping the multiplication of the psychological warfare waged by terrorists.

In France, the rally of 3.7 million who marched across France quickly and decisively neutralized the psychological weapon of the terrorists.

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The people, the political leaders in France, and the international community stood by the French people and its government. There was no fear, no socio-political divisions, let alone religious or sectarian difference in the French society, thus the psychological weapon was completely intercepted and destroyed.

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