Daesh Terrorists Flee as Iraqi Government Forces Close in Hawija Town

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Thursday 1st September 2016, Daesh terrorists are reportedly fleeing from Iraqi town of Hawija as Iraqi government soldiers continues to close in.

According to a report aired by al-Sumaria television quoting a security source, Daesh commanders are selling their properties in the town and fleeing to Mosul with the families.

Iraqi army and volunteer forces have intensified operations in renewed effort to liberate the Daesh-held area in the Kirkuk province.

The security source cited that Daesh Takfiri group’s ranks are in a state of despair amid defections for poor pay by the jihadist group which has dropped significantly.

Several Daesh commanders and fighters have recently left town after series of defeats at the hands Iraqi army in the provinces of Anbar, Diyala and Salahuddin.


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