Could Turkey be Supporting ISIS?

Turkey’s military on Wednesday confirmed to have fired back shells at a Syrian weaponry position close to its border in retaliation for a Syrian rocket which must have landed close to its military unit, blowing up the military’s house and wounding seven of their people.

This recent retaliation by turkey has drawn an equal attention as to whether Turkey could be supporting ISIS and the retaliation was just but a foul play or whether it was ready to fight forces from ISIS strongholds.

Turkish government has been severally criticized in the ongoing war against the Islamic State since it has not shown much support in the battle, despite the fact it shares borders with Syria.

Instead, Turkey has severally made headlines or allowing militants in and out of the country through its shared border with Syria, including teenagers and women who are later on used as brides, martyrs, and spys for the militants.

Most of the fighters who have managed to join ISIS crossed the Turkeys border into Syria.

In March 2014, when ISIS was defeated at Kobane, the Turkish government was once again accused of helping the surviving ISIS victims cross over to Jarablus town.

The ongoing liberation of Kobane from the Daesh (Arabic name for ISIS) by the YPG forces (Kurdish) has faced more challenges than it should have since the Turkish government has failed to support forces fighting ISIS.

Earlier this month, when the YPG forces managed to push out ISIS out of Sexler town, the extremists found their way into Jarablus after the Turkish government closed down on Karkamis Dam in turkey, causing the water levels of the dam to drop thus ISIS could find their way into Jarablus.

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The valves of the dam were later re-opened once the Islamic militia group crossed over preventing the YPG forces from crossing the river. This was not coincidental, as echoed by YPG commander, Şivan Faraşin.

The defeat of ISIS in Kobane has now brought back life into the town. However, questions are still being raised as to whether the fighters will begin trickling back into the town with time., as long as Syria shares border with Turkey.

Turkey has also been seen to help foreign teenagers from the West cross over to Syria with an aim of joining ISIS. Some of the teenagers have been deported back to their homes while some have disappeared in Syria to date.

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